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First Impressions

January 1999


January 30, 1999

Star Trek:  The Motion Picture 
20th Anniversary Edition
by Jerry Goldsmith

FIR - 7/10

(Sony Classical)

Well, the classic Goldsmith score was finally released...FINALLY!  While it is an enjoyable score, it certainly doesn't justify all of the delays.  After a few listens, I don't find myself saying, "Yes, this is what I've been waiting for!"  Although it is difficult to underplay the score that "started it all."

Virus by Joel McNeely

FIR - 6/10


I was suckered by the samples I was able to hear on our beloved internet.  The first track is the one most people post.  I heard it, liked it, and bought it.  Now, I'm a little mad.  The first track, Volkov and the Mir, is by far the best.  The rest is thriller-chiller-suspense-stuff a la...well a la just about everyone who has composed thriller-chiller stuff.  It's not my thing, but if the Alien type score is your thing, you might dig it!

January 20, 1999


A Thin Red Line
by Hans Zimmer

FIR - 7/10


(RCA/ Victor)

Hans Zimmer's latest release is one that is quite the unexpected sort for him.  After the brilliant release to Prince of Egypt (the review of which I am RE-working on), I anxiously waited to hear what he had produced for the "other" WWII flick of late.  Like William's Saving Private Ryan it is fairly subdued, but not nearly as much as the former.  The music seems very reflective and even terrifying at times. It is atypical of Zimmer, but upon first listening, I find myself embracing it.


One True Thing
by Cliff Eidelman

FIR - 7/10


(Varese Sarabande)

From the composer of Star Trek VI:  The Undiscovered Country and Columbus, Cliff Eidelman produces a very heartfelt and warm score.  Since I am prone to liking such scores, I find myself greatly enjoying the mood and style of Eidelman's writing and playing.  This is some of the nicest piano I've heard since Horner's To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday, but not quite THAT good.

American History X
by Ann Dudley

FIR - 7/10

(Varese Sarabande)

Well, she certainly shocked many of us last year by stealing the GG Award for her score for The Full Monty, but her score for American History X is far greater.  It is truly haunting and beautiful at the same time.  The opening track truly grabbed my attention with its inclusion of a boys choir.  It brought to rememberance shades of Empire of the Sun (Williams) but much more somber in tone.  Much of the score is rather frightening and not the sort you just have on playing in the back ground, but interspersed is some really unique and listenable stuff.

January 15, 1999

The Prince of Egypt Collectors Edition by Hans Zimmer

FIR - 8/10



This six track wonder was obtained from a blessed neice that recieved two copies for Christmas!  After ceasely playing the POE score, I was delighted to discover that this collectors CD contained two score tracks by Zimmer not found on the score release.  These two tracks continue the majesty of the score and I am pleased to have obtained them.  As a bonus the other samples from the Nashville release and Inspirational release are very listenable!  It has been easy to listen to this short CD over and over!

January 10, 1999

Stepmom by John Williams

FIR - 8/10

(Sony Classical)

At long last, John Williams has returned to composing the music helps to set him a part from the composer-pack!  Stepmom is a wonderful release filled with tender orchestrations and some splendid solo guitar work from Christopher Parkening!  After listening to this score a couple times, I believe it far surpasses Williams' other 1998 score, Saving Private Ryan.