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2015 Cue Awards Show



First Impressions

March 1999


March 21, 1999

The Beyondness of Things
by John Barry

FIR - 7/10


This original work, though not a score for any particular flick, certainly could be!  John Barry's brilliance for the majority of these pieces shines consistently with such efforts as Dances with Wolves and Out of Africa.  The only downside is his choice of featuring the harmonica as lead instrument on several tracks.  The melodies are wonderful, but the harmonica is a little too rough for the beautiful strings and brass.

March 16, 1999

White Squall 
by Jeff Rona and Hans Zimmer

FIR - 8/10

(Hollywood Records)

Jeff Rona and Hans Zimmer strike gold with this collaboration.  Jeff Rona's uilean pipes are marvelous and it is nearly impossible to not compare them to Titanic.  In addition, Harry Gregson Williams showcases his mastery of the deep, powerful chorus!  Despite the block of fifties tunes at the end of the CD, this is a must have!

The Negotiator
by Graeme Revell

FIR - 6/10

(Restless Records)

Dawning many similarities to one of Revell's best, The Saint, aside from the opening track, there is little to jump up an down about.  However, the first track exemplifies Revell's innovative style and is by far the best of the lot.

The Siege by Graeme Revell

FIR - 2/10

(Varese Sarabande)

Revell's concurrent release with The Negotiator has very little to offer as far as identifiable themes or contemporary rhythms - those things that he has excelled at in the past.  This score is very hard to listen to more than once. 

March 7, 1999

The Last of the Mohicans 
by Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman

FIR - 7/10

(Morgan Creeek)

This somewhat controversial CD release has some wonderful moments.  The famous main theme is probably the most notable and one never grows tired of hearing it.  My first listen brought some major disappointment, but with successive listens, I have to admit it is becoming more appealing. While Jones' and Edelman's styles are distinct they work fairly well together on one CD- keeping the listener from becoming bored.