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First Impressions

October 1999


October 19, 1999

The Thomas Crown Affair
by Bill Conti 

FIR - 7/10

(Pangea/ Ark21) 

While this is a remake-film, the soundtrack is certainly no re-hash.  Bill Conti takes a rather fresh approach for this rich, American, james bondish film.  His playful use of piano is quite a welcome diversion from the onslaught of rehashed scores from the Summer of '99 (Black and White X 5, Glider Pt.1, 2).  Conti infuses a jazz element to his score that helps to establish the elegance, class, and coolness of the film (Cocktails, Meet Ms. Banning).   There are a few noticeable omissions as far as score, but a adequate amount is supplied by Pangea.  The other songs on this soundtrack release are fine. Unfortunately, they appear first on the CD- something I never like to see or hear.  In any case, they fit the film very well and are easy to listen to along with the score tracks.  Windmills of Your Mind is a great song, redone, at Pierce Brosnan's request, by Sting.  At times, it even sounds like Sting.



20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 
By Mark Snow 

FIR - 7/10


After listening to Arctic Walk from The Snow Files, I just had to pick up this score.  Ah, but one track does not a good score make!  While Artic Walk contained stylistic elements of Horner's scores for Star Trek 2 and 3 and even a bit of John Williams, the rest of the score lacks the same sweeping passion.  Instead, there tends to be a bit of a darker, suspenseful edge to the other tracks.  The score is not a bad score, by any means, it has merely failed to meet my expectations as set by Arctic Walk.  Other notable tracks are  Departure (track 5); Not Man Made/ Fight on the Ship (Track 7);and Exploding Torpedoes (Track 18)  In any event, no other track matches the beauty of Artic Walk.  In most cases, there is a much darker atmospheric tone created by Mark Snow.  Of course, such a sound is nothing new for Snow and could be said to be his specialty.

September 4,  1999

Greatest Science Fiction 
Hits IV
by Various/ Neil Norman 

FIR - 6/10

(GNP Crescendo) 

This rather odd compilation of sci-fi themes (Hey! What is The Wild Wild West doing in here?) is full of the familiar and the once forgotten.  Neil Norman and his orchestra do an adequate job of performing Williams' Amazing Stories theme and likewise The Lost World.  Other enjoyable cues are: Stargate: SG1, and  Saturn 3.  There are a few other interesting tracks such as Star Trek Encounters, a sort of Mecco meets Star Trek medly and the theme from Airwolf.  Many, but not all, of the remaining themes leave me scratching my head as to their inclusion as one of Sci-Fi's Greatest.  Oh well, it is the fourth volume after all.  The liner notes are fairly detailed with several pics of the conductor with various famous composers.  Crescendo has always produced high quality recordings and this release is no exception.


Star Trek:  The Next Generation Music from the Episodes
by Jay Chattaway

FIR = 7/10


(GNP Crescendo) 

"Space, the final frontier..."  No better way to start out this compilation of music from the TNG series.  Some of the best moments from the best episodes are included here.   I was most thankful for the inclusion of the theme from "The Inner Light," one of the all time best episodes.  This quiet little theme played by flute and piano is marvelous!  Jay Chattaway's music is greatly under-appreciated.  Whether it was his work for  Deep Space Nine or the episodes of The Next Generation, his contribution to the exploration of humanity through the vehicle of the Star Trek universe is undeniable.  This release helps to prove that point as the images of the various episodes may come flooding back to your memory as you listen and if not, you still are able to easily perceive the environment for which the piece was written.