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Flashnotes - April 2002

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October 19, 2003

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As If Nothing by Craig Armstrong

As If to Nothing by Craig Armstrong - April 30, 2002

Following the full-bodied wake of his super-successful music for Moulin Rouge, As if Nothing, composer Craig Armstrong's lastest project, hit shelves in April with only a fraction of its predecessors fanfare.  An increasing percentage of mainstream music people are being introduced to the Armstrong's work; be it through his earlier collaborations with U2 and Massive Attack or for his distinctive film music like Plunkett & MacCleane and now Moulin RougeAs if Nothing is certainly not a soundtrack but does feature Armstrong's familiar talents.  Opening with a very score-like piece, Ruthless Gravity (1), the release moves to ballads (Wake Up in New York), to internationally flavored electronica (Amber) to trance and concluding with one of his powerful choral pieces (Choral Ending).  Fans of Craig Armstrong's music will certainly want to give As If Nothing a good test spin and will most likely find themselves highly entertained even with the abundance of vocal pieces.

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Andromeda by Matthew McCauley

Andromeda by Matthew McCauley - April 30, 2002

Since its launch in 2000, Andromeda, yet another brain-child of sci-fi master, Gene Roddenberry, has bumped along building up a devoted fan-base along the way.  With a "living" ship and rag-tag crew, the Andromeda Ascendant is captained by ex-Hercules, Kevin Sorbo.  The heavily electronic-laden music for the series has been composed by Matthew McCauley with the exception of the first season's opening title...which actually turns out to be one of, if not the best, piece on the CD.  Alex Lifeson's main theme is an aggressive, electronica piece that has a Celtic edge to it.  The track is less than a minute long and despite having a total of 25 tracks, there are only rare moments where the music rises above that level where so most television sci-fi scores lounge - on the shores of the Sea of Synthesized Mediocrity.  On the other hand, if you are a big fan of the music from Farscape or Lexx, then Andromeda may have something to offer you.

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Enigma by John Barry

Enigma by John Barry - April 7, 2002

While U-571 might have brought the tale of the German's engima code to the minds of American audiences, it did so to the tune of historians and movie critics alike bashing away at it's inaccuracies.  In truth, the Enigma code was broken by the British.  Enigma, which will have a limited release beginning April 19, dives further into exploits of British codebreakers and mysterious actions of the German sub division.  The story and is supported by both a slew of talented British actors and the unmistakable sound of composer John Barry.  Despite the name of the film, Barry's score is hardly mysterious, peculiar, or strange.  In truth, the score is vintage Barry...and for Barry enthusiasts, this will probably delight.  While other composers garner their share of ridicule for repeating themselves, Barry seems to have escaped such lashings...but could be one of film music's worst offenders.  So, does this make Enigma a bad score?  No. It isn't, but it is definitely disappointing.  Anyone looking for something strikingly new or refreshing should look further.  With Enigma, one would do just as well to pop in any number of other Barry projects of the last 10 years.  Read Steve Townsley's Full Review

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