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Flashnotes - November 2001


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October 19, 2003

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Shrek by John Powell and Harry Gregson-Williams - November 27, 2001

One of the years biggest success stories has been that of Dreamworks' innovative, anti-fairy-tale, Shrek.  Reunited for the project is the talented duo that delivered the score for both Antz and Chicken Run, composers John Powell and Harry Gregson-Williams.  Varese Sarabande releases over 44 minutes of the highly entertaining score including the two brief, but comical, vocal pieces from the film:  Welcome to Duloc and Merry Men.   Fans of the composers' unpredictable style, should waste no time in stuffing their own stockings with this December release!   A full review of Shrek is coming soon!
Fairy Tale
March of Farquuad Escape from the Dragon Starry Night

Purchase at Varese Sarabande 


Charlotte Gray by Stephen Warbeck

Charlotte Gray by Stephen Warbeck - November 21, 2001

As the late bids for the Oscar race (ok...the only bids really) start to hit the screen:  Oceans 11 and Gangs of New York among them, Warner adds another with Charlotte Gray starring Cate Blanchett.  Providing the musical score for this WWII based flick is Stephen Warbeck.  If this film fairs better, critically speaking,  than Captain Corelli's Mandolin, look for this score to get the Oscar nom...if either are to be so honored.  In truth, Charlotte Gray isn't vastly superior to Captain Corelli's Mandolin.  In fact, it is similar in many ways.  This score doesn't have the one stand-out theme that Mandolin does, but it also lacks the distracting source cues.  All in all, it is a somber, sober effort from Warbeck, once again.   You can visit the official Charlotte Gray Soundtrack Site here After the Letter Waiting

Purchase at Amazon.com 


Spy Game by Harry Gregson-Williams

Spy Game by Harry Gregson-Williams - November 13, 2001

The perennial co-composer, Harry Gregson-Williams, finally gets his name as the sole credit for a film score.  No "Hans Zimmer."  No "John Powell."  No "Trevor Rabin" is found next to his name this time; however Spy Game does reflect musical styles most have grown accustomed to hearing from these men.   Surely not short on sythensized elements, Spy Game also features performances from the London Session Orchestra and the Metro Voices.  Spy Game could be considered the score many hoped Enemy of the State would be.  Some of the most engaging and surprising features of Spy Game are found in the use of the Chinese violin (huqin), wood flutes (evoking a memories of Mancina's Return to Paradise) and Lebanese vocals.  These elements coupled with the occasional use of the chorus (a la Crimson Tide or The Rock), make Spy Game an entertaining listen.   Su-Chou Prison Red Shirt

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61* By Marc Shaiman

61* by Marc Shaiman - November 9, 2001

Billy Crystal's effort to bring the chase for the single season home-run record was met by fairly harsh reviews.  At the same time, yet another solid Marc Shaiman score has slipped into stores without much fanfare or discussion.  61* is, not surprisingly, largely heroic with an inspiring trumpet solo and balancing, emotional piano melodies.  Despite a little distraction by the four or five jazz band tunes and the orchestra sounding a bit "smallish" at times, 61* remains a strong soundtrack as a whole.  For those who enjoy Marc Shaiman's Americana styled scores, 61* will prove a satisfactory soundtrack. McGwire Hug

Purchase at Amazon.com (soundclips)


The Pledge by Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt (concept art only)

The Pledge by Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt - November 3, 2001

As The Pledge is set to re-release on December 11, 2001, Milan Records has nabbed the release rights to Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt's brooding score.  Fans of Christopher Young's The Gift may find The Pledge to their liking as well.  Sporting a similar haunting quality, but minus the beautiful main theme, The Pledge has an "ancient" quality to it, as if constructed from unused bits from Hans Zimmer's score for Gladiator.  The score ranges from disturbing, hard-to-hear rumblings to mellow, jazz guitar.  The Pledge is an a-typical score from Zimmer that will have a certain appeal to a select group of film music enthusiasts.  Check out the sound clip to see if you are a part of that group. Jerry & Lori 

Purchase at Amazon.com


Waking Life by Glover Gill

Waking Life by Glover Gill - November 2, 2001

Waking Life is being hailed as one of 2001's most innovated and engaging films.  From director Richard Linklater, comes the unique computer-animation film that follows its main character through dream-like encounters with a variety of philosophical characters.  Providing the musical score for this intensely visual film is Glover Gill and the Tosca Tango Orchestra.  Generally reflective and somber, the score for Waking Life is reserved, allowing the visuals take remain at center stage.  Waking Life does provide a moment or two of interesting music, especially when it approaches famous Beethoven piano-sonatas, but the film's notoriety will remain due to its visual creativity.

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