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Flashnotes - November 2002


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October 19, 2003

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Uncorked by Jeff Danna

Uncorked by Jeff Danna - November 24, 2002

From newcomer-label, La La Land Records comes Jeff Danna's Uncorked. The score is centered around a simple and "catchy" melody which is performed by a number of lead instruments throughout the score, including on guitar by Danna, himself. Exuding a celtic feel, reflecting the British roots of the well-to-do and eccentric, California residents, Uncorked features instruments such as the dulcimer, hurdy gurdy, and recorder. While reflective and somber through much of the soundtrack, Uncorked concludes on an upbeat note with a pop performance of the aforementioned melody.  Uncorked is, on the whole, a solid effort from Jeff Danna further demonstrating his ability to do "a lot" with "a little."

Track 1 - The Arboretum  Track 5 - Ross' Concert

Purchase at La La Land Records


Uncorked by Jeff Danna

Great Science Fiction Blockbusters (Compilation) - November 24, 2002

One of Varese Sarabande's new Five Star Collection Series, Great Science Fiction Blockbusters compiles, from their vast library of projects, a small handful of selections from some of the biggest sci-fi films in the last 30 years. Half the tracks are performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra under the conduction of the usual suspects: Joel McNeely, Frederick Talgorn, and John Debney. Five of the twelve total tracks are from the original motion picture soundtracks including: The Matrix, Total Recall, and Aliens. While some of the performances fall a notch or two short of the respective original scores, such a compilation can make for a good "entry level" purchase for the newbie-film-music-fan.

Track 1 - The Day We Fight Back (Independence Day)  Track 4 - Space Station Docking (2001)

Purchase at Varese Sarabande Records


Great Movie Love Themes

Great Movie Love Themes (Compilation) - November 24, 2002

Co-launching Varese Sarabande's new collection, is Great Movie Love Themes. Like it's sci-fi counterpart, this CD endeavors to bring together some of the most endearing love themes from the label's archive including: Somewhere in Time, The Last of the Mohicans, Titanic and The Piano. In this case, the CD almost exclusively features non-original soundtrack performances by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. The veteran soundtrack-listener might find this release a tad redundant, as the selections presented here have been reissued and re-compiled seemingly countless times; however, once again, this might be considered as an adequate "Intro to Film Music" compilation.

Track 4 - The Heart Asks Pleasure First (The Piano) 

Purchase at Varese Sarabande Records


Saint Sinner by Christopher Lennertz

Saint Sinner by Christopher Lennertz - November 20, 2002

Composer Christopher Lennertz's latest score for Clive Barker's, Sci-Fi Channel-aired, Saint Sinner, shows another side of the young and versatile composer.  Differing from his inspirational work for America! and contemporary music for the short-live series, The Strip, Saint Sinner provides Lennertz with a fresh opportunity to stretch his dramatic-legs.  As one might expect, the score reflects religious overtones of the film by a strong reliance upon the chorus. Saint Sinner certainly contains the staples of most horror film scores: bell tolls, string "shrills," and a dissonant foundation. At the same time, Saint Sinner escapes the trap of the stereotypical horror score as Lennertz delivers a rich score with a melodious title theme.  His music is solidly performed by the Bupapest Film Orchestra and Chorus.

Track 1 - Benedictus/ Main Titles  Track 2 - Repository II  |  Track 13 - Waltz of Demise  |  Track 18 - Dies Irae (The Return)

Purchase at La La Land Records


Ararat by Mychael Danna

Ararat by Mychael Danna - November 11, 2002

Certainly one of the most "exotic" film music composers around, Mychael Danna's latest project, released by Milan Records, ARARAT, keeps his reputation in tact.  Ararat is director Atom Egoyan's (The Sweet Hereafter, Felicia's Journey, Next of Kin) latest effort.  It explores the Armenian Holocast in the Ottoman Empire of the early 1900's and its effect upon contemporary Armenians.  Mychael Danna's score is captivating from the onset as, Gladiator fans will pick up on the distinctive lead of the duduk.  Danna goes beyond a token Armenian instrument but also employs the zuma, tar, kanon, and even a full Armenian choir, which adds a tragic-fullness to the score.  Nicholas Dodd's talent for orthestration and conducting is also in clear demonstration in Ararat.  Danna's score echoes the Egoyan's film, epic yet intimate.

Track 1 - Groonk  |  Track 2 - Or Es Mayr Eem  |  Track 5 - Ancient History

Purchase at Amazon.com

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