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April 2008


Don't miss our LIVE interview with vocalist, LUNA SANS (Cartographer), on Friday, April 18, 2008 at 9:30 PM ET.  Go to to listen and participate or call in and listen on your phone at
(347) 838-9497

2008 Year Preview: Summer Edition2008 MUSIC PREVIEW:

The heat is up, school is out, vacations are on, fancy business ties are off. What's not to like about Summertime? Of course, traditionally the Summer is big-budget, big-box-office-time for Hollywood. They save their money-makers just as we hit the mid-year point. For 2008 there are some doozies. There's a close race for the title of "the most anticipated" movie of the Summer between INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL (which actually helps to kick off blockbuster season in May) and THE DARK KNIGHT (July 18). Your age bracket might determine which is the more anticipated flick, but in terms of the music, both John Williams and the Zimmer/Newton-Howard collaboration should keep our ears busy for weeks. But if that wasn't enough (and it isn't for our greedy little ears) there's plenty more action in store for us this Summer with John Powell's score for HANCOCK and Danny Elfman's HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY.

In the wake of all of these mega-movies, let's not forget the upcoming X-FILES 2 film, BANGKOK DANGEROUS, and, oh yes, STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS. Some sleepers out there to keep an ear open for: THE INTERNATIONAL (from the composing crew who brought us Perfume: The Story of a Murderer), and SPACE CHIMPS (Blue Man Group). That's right, SPACE CHIMPS.

Just as the film industry looks forward to the Summer months, so does the gaming industry. It would take weeks to list all of the games coming out this Summer, so we've listed three of the most-anticipated: PROTOTYPE, TOO HUMAN, and THE FORCE UNLEASHED. Look for these to have some noteworthy scores as well.

Ok. Enough with the intro, let's jump into July...



Interview with E.S. PosthumusINTERVIEW:
E.S. Posthumus:
Music from Off the Map

Helmut Vonlichten of the enigmatic duo, E.S. Posthumus, shares his feelings about the success of their first release Unearthed, their work for CBS, their latest project with Luna Sans, Cartographer, and if scoring a film is in their future!



Interview with Tyler BatesINTERVIEW:
Tyler Bates and the Genre of Doom!

Composer Tyler Bates talks about his recent project DOOMSDAY, paying homage to classic genre films from the 80s, his upcoming video game score, RISE OF THE ARGONAUTS, and two more film projects: THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL and WATCHMEN..



Interview with David BuckleyINTERVIEW: 
David Buckley: A New Musical Kingdom

Rushing from L.A.X. (if that is actually possible), I made my way to Wavecrest Studios, where composer DAVID BUCKLEY had just finished a meeting with director JOEL SCHUMACHER. I was, most generously, welcomed in and, over the next hour, I was treated to a tour of the state-of-the-art facility. I talked with David Buckley about how came into the film-music business, his work-relationship with Harry Gregson-Williams, and his two new projects: THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM and TOWN CREEK.





2008 Year Preview - Summer Edition





IRON MAN Poster!



2007 Cue Awards
2008 Music Preview
Free and Legal
High Score
The Themes of Fall



The Spiderwick Chronicles
10,000 B.C.

D-War: Dragon Wars
As You Like It



E.S. Posthumus
Tyler Bates
David Buckley



Get Ready for the Summer of Music!  The 2008 Music Preview - Summer Editioin
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