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42 by Mark Isham


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42 (Soundtrack) by Mark Isham
42 (Soundtrack) by Mark Isham










42 (Soundtrack) by Mark Isham

Composed by Mark Isham
Water Tower Music (2013)

Rating: 5/10

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“It all sounds very safe and unwillingly to give itself a unique identity. ”

Americana Legend
Review by Steven Sharratt


42 is the re-telling of the true story of Jackie Robinson, an African-American baseball player who became a sporting hero despite having to endure unrelenting racism on and off the field. The film mainly focuses on the 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers season and stars Chadwick Boseman as Jackie and Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey.

Legendary composer MARK ISHAM was brought on board to score the music for the film. Isham, now in his 4th decade of film composition is famous for many great scores such as POINT BREAK (1991), A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT (1992), BLADE (1996), THE BLACK DAHLIA (2006) and the Oscar nominated CRASH (2006).

Isham uses this vast experience to create a typical Americana score for ‘42’. To achieve this he opts for one of his trademark trumpet solos which, as to be expected, are performed faultlessly. Light woodwinds, strings and piano complete the sound to add a somber but respectful tone with which to follow Jackie Robinson’s unlikely and difficult journey to fame. The main problem for the listener is the fact that the thematic ideas first hinted at are never fully developed until the end. Unfortunately, much of the album descends into unmemorable and bland motifs. It all sounds very safe and unwillingly to give itself a unique identity. There are still a few interesting moments to savour though, such as the playful Jackie’s Style of Baseball (7), the heroic Rachel Is Pregnant (12) and the energetic Jackie Steals (17).

The highlight of the album is definitely the last track, Jackie Robinson (23) where we are finally treated to a triumphant finale allowing the trumpets and strings to soar. It reminded this reviewer of the fantastic finale from WE ARE MARSHALL (2006) by Christophe Beck. This pay-off at the end is reward for the all too often understated previous 35 or so minutes.

The music for 42 never hits the heights of other soundtracks for American sports such as Jerry Goldsmith’s RUDY (1993), Randy Newman’s THE NATURAL (1984) or even Trevor Rabin’s REMEMBER THE TITANS (2000). However, what it does do is provide a familiar slice of Americana with some enjoyable horn solos and a rousing finale. MARK ISHAM fans will no doubt lap up this enjoyable but unambitious offering.


Rating: 5/10


Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 He's Coming 1:34  ***
2 You Can't Go in There 1:07  **
3 Jack Roosevelt Robinson 1:31  **
4 Can Your Do It 1:56  **
5 Spring Training 2:23  **
6 You Are a Hero 0:58  ***
7 Jackie's Style of Baseball 3:15  ****
8 Jackie Has to Run 2:30  ***
9 Wendell and Jackie Escape * (Promo Release Only) 0:22  ***
10 Streetlight Scare  * (Promo Release Only) 0:48  **
11 Why Are You Doing This? 3:00  ***
12 Rachel is Pregnant 1:43  ****
13 Jackie Talks to His Son 1:01  ***
14 Jackie Apologizes to Wendell 1:16  ***
15 Jackie is Brought Up 4:18  ***
16 A White Man's Game 0:41  ****
17 Jackie Steals 2:07  **
18 They are Never Going to Beat You 1:06  ***
19 Hate Mail 1:26  **
20 Pwee and Jackie 1:33  ***
21 Spiked 1:01  **
22 Branch Rickey 1:39  ***
23 Jackie Robinson 6:53  ****
  Total Running Time (approx) 42 minutes  


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