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Frontiers (Soundtrack) by Jerry Goldsmith

Tracksounds Rating = 8 / 10

Frontiers (Soundtrack) by Jerry Goldsmith

Composed by Jerry Goldsmith
Performed by Royal Socttish National Orchestra
Released by Varese Sarabande on November 4, 1997

Track Title Time Rating The Goldsmith Frontier
by Christopher Coleman

Jerry Goldsmith's range is one of the widest of contemporary film composers out there. Goldsmith has composed wonderful music for just about every genre of film.  He seems to shine brightest when his focus becomes the future of the human race or the stars themselves.   Even the casual listener will recognize his work in the Star Trek motion picture series: Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Star Trek: First Contact and soon to be added to his sci-fi repertoire, the ninth movie in the series, Star Trek: Insurrection. Varèse has compiled some of his best works from the sci-fi genre onto one compact disc.  They have, again, done a marvelous job!  The composer conducts one of my favorite orchestras, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, for a brilliant representation of some his most memorable and impossible to find elsewhere works.  The the recording quality superb as always with Varese. 

This compilation starts out with the first of three tracks from the Star Trek series, the end titles from Star Trek: First Contact.  The compilation could not start off better than with the familiar Alexander Courage original fanfare which then, as we have grown used to hearing over the past decade or so, leads into Goldsmith's familiar Next Generation theme.  Once again it is a crisp and clear performance of this wonderful piece of music.  The other two Star Trek entries are "The Enterprise" from Star Trek: The Motion Picture and the main theme from Star Trek Voyager.  Both of these feature clean performances which make it easy to listen to them over and over again.   The Enterprise is probably the most beautiful of all Star Trek themes and this rendition is one of the best.   The Voyager theme has always seemed a bit ethereal to me, but for some reason, I like it a great deal.

Now, don't get this compilation wrong.  There is a whole bunch more to it than Star Trek, as there is for Goldsmith in the sci-fi genre.   Twilight Zone: The Movie follows as track 2.  It is a very compelling piece, which starts with an attention grabbing fanfare and then immediately moves into a lighter, innocent, even playful section.  The entire track gives a good representation of the film.  Next, is the main title from Capricorn One, which is also very enjoyable.  It begins with the strong pulsating percussion, strings, and horns a la the Klingon theme, Total Recall (this theme is also contained on the disc, but has never been one of my favorite scores, so I will not go into detail about it in this review) and others.  After a few seconds, it moves into yet another example of Goldsmith's mastery of sweeping string themes and brass, before returning to the same pulsating theme.  Two tracks from the seventies sci-fi flick, Logan's Run follow.   Together they give the listener over ten minutes of the score.  It is ominous.   It is at times a lullaby.  At other times, it is downright creepy. 

The Illustrated Man presents a nice intermission, as it is probably the most unique of the disc.  This piece contains a beautiful female soloist, woodwinds, and, of course, those strings.  After this introspective break comes The Enterprise, then Total Recall, and then two cuts from Damnation Alley.  The music here is similar to one piece or another already contained on the disc,  nevertheless, it is worthy of inclusion.  After Voyager makes its appearance from the delta quadrant, the compilation concludes with a touch of terror in the end titles from Alien.   Most don't remember this piece of music simply because they ran out of the theatre in terror or were petrified in their seats with all of their senses dulled!  Thank goodness Varèse has included it hear so we can all hear what we missed; however, it would have been better have gone out on a little more positive feel.

Frontiers is definitely a must have for true Goldsmith fans and casual fans alike.  It features some of his best works to date and shows why Space is Goldsmith's frontier.  Nearly every track is performed with freshness and life and is a joy to listen to.   Varèse continues to supply us with wonderful re-recordings of a good portion of the best film music ever written and performed.  The only strike against it?  Well, of course I wish there was more of it!  I did paid some $14.00 for this one and it was worth every cent.  If you haven't yet, go ahead and get it!


Star Trek: First Contact (End Titles)



Twilight Zone:The Movie



Capricorn One: Main Title


4 Logan's Run: The Monument 4:43 ***

Logan's Run: End of the City



The Illustrated Man: Main Title



Star Trek: The Motion Picture (The Enterprise)



Total Recall: Main Title



Damnation Alley: Main Title



Damnation Alley: End Title



Star Trek Voyager: Main Title



Alien: End Title

2:22 ***
  Total Running Time 12:35    



Film Continuity n/a  
Originality n/a  
CD Length 9  
Track Order 8  
Performance 9  
Final Score 9  

Other reviews:

"...who could resist a line-up of scores like this? Especially considering the superior sound quality and the fact that Goldsmith's involvement with the project creates performances that are comparable to the originals." *****
Christian Clemmensen
  - Filmtracks

Jerry Goldsmith
Composer Jerry Goldsmith

Frontiers (Soundtrack) by Jerry Goldsmith
"FRONTIERS is arguably the best film music album of 1997." - Gramophone

CD available through

Frontiers (Soundtrack) by Jerry Goldsmith


All artwork from Frontiers is exclusive property of Varese Sarabande (c) 1997.  Its appearance is for imformational purposes only.


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