Abominable (Soundtrack) by Lalo Schifirin



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Abominable by Lalo Schifrin







Abominable (Soundtrack) by Lalo Schifrin

Composed by Lalo Schifrin
Aleph Records

Rating: 5/10
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Soundtrack Review

“Not even the constraints of an intentionally-campy-horror-film can hide composer Lalo Schifrin's wealth of talent...”

Review by Christopher Coleman

Director Ryan Schifrin's debut film, ABOMINABLE, reaches backwards to an era which featured some of the scariest films of all time...and also some of the campiest.  ABOMINABLE is none other than a new tale of ol' Big Foot and rather than go the route of the modern-day-horror-flicks, Ryan Schifrin tosses in almost all the ingredients of a cult classic:  the clueless cops, hopeless hunters, bait-like babes, an innocent hero...and a right-mean monster.  Sure, it could be said that director Schifrin went a little too "formulaic," but classic horror fans will likely eat this film up.  Oddly enough one of the few things that isn't formulaic is the film's score.

In a stroke of creative and negotiating genius, Ryan Schifrin was able to land one of Hollywood's most accomplished composers - LALO SCHIFRIN.  (The world may never know just how such a deal was made to secure a composer with near legendary status for his first feature gig.)  With all the familiar elements of the film, surprisingly, the score doesn't purely go off into the realm of B-grade, horror-flicks.  There's much more here than unending of doses wandering dissonance with occasional interruptions of the pluck and romp of strings and percussion - and certainly more than the isolated-saxophone-accompanied-love-scene or token heroic-theme.

Lalo Schifrin actually gives the soundtrack listener reason to keep his or her ears attentive. The "Main Titles," while clearly offering a lot for the classic horror buff like: those dissonant strings and bellowing basoons, also features various drum loops and other looped synths which deliver more of a Craig-Armstrong-feel than classic Schifrin.  "Preston's Memories" introduces some of the strongest thematic material of score with, after bit of a dark start, lead woodwinds and accompanying strings.  Of course the track delves back into the darkness before its through...but yet another surprising turn before it's through.  Harp?  Piano lead?  Yes indeed.  Track 7, "Monster's Vision" begins with might be called, Newton-Howard territory with its circular riff being played by strings and then piano - a pleasant shock before returning to more...well you know.  "Squatch Revealed" is another surprisingly bright and hopeful track at its onset as carried by strings and brass.  Then there is track 13, "Rappelling" an exciting piece that's fit for nearly A-grade, contemporary action flick.  Here, the Czech National Orchestra truly flexes its muscles.

For those who don't frequent this genre of film very often or generally listen to the associated music, ABOMINABLE might easily slip under your radar.  To dismiss it completely would be a mistake as ABOMINABLE offers some intriguing music.  Granted the majority of the music is indeed what one might expect and not the type one will play on a lazy, Sunday afternoon, but there are a number of moments that will make you wonder if  a horror-score is still playing.  Not even the constraints of an intentionally-campy-horror-film can hide composer Lalo Schifrin's wealth of talent and, when given the opportunity, the Czech National Orchestra find a way to deliver the richness and intricacies of Schifrin's composition.


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Track Listing and Ratings


Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 Pre-Title Sequence 0:49 **
2 Main Title 2:05 ***
3 Animal Mutilations 3:21 **
4 Preston's Memories 3:47 ***
5 Abduction 3:11 **
6 There is Something Out There 4:24 **
7 Monster Vision 6:39 ***
8 Preston and Amanda 2:41 **
9 The Cave 5:02 *
10 Squatch Revealed 2:31 ***
11 Rampage 2:48 **
12 Setting the Trap 4:33 **
13 Rappelling 3:22 ***
14 Escape Attempt 1:46 ***
15 Off-Road Rage/ Final Battle 3:03 **
16 The Survivors 1:58 ***
17 Searching the Woods 1:30 **
18 One Blade of Grass 2:27 **
19 Girls Next Door 1:47 **
20 Otis Leaves 0:46 **
21 Rampage: Alternate Version 2:30 **
  Total running time 61:28  




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