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Batman Beyond (Soundtrack) by Shirley Walker

Tracksounds Rating = 3 /10

Batman Beyond (Soundtrack) by Shirley Walker

Composed by Shirley Walker, Lolita Ritmanis, Michael McCuistion, Kristopher Carter
Performed by Various Muscians
Released by Rhino Records September 1999

Track Title Time Rating Rockin' Robi...Err Batman
by Christopher Coleman

When I was a kid, I remember playing Spiderman outside with my friends and singing ďSpiderman.  Spiderman.  Does whatever a spider can.  Spins a web, any size.  Catches thieves just like flies.  Look out!  There goes a Spiderman!Ē My how superhero music has changed.  The cool, jazzy, big band sound for superheroes is long gone.

Go for a walk on the Saturday- Morning- Cartoon- wild- side with the music from Batman Beyond.  This CD compilation from Rhino Records has some pretty edgy stuff and if you arenít in just the right mood, youíll be popping this CD right back out.  On the other hand, if you are preparing for some extreme-sports activity, kick boxing, or maybe rugby, this CD is chalk full of audio-steroids.  Kristopher Carter, Shirley Walker, Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis combine to deliver a grungy, electronica smorgy.  It is hard to imagine Shirley Walker and company producing such rough stuff after hearing their work  for the Batman and Superman animated series, yet here it is.  

If you liked the high adrenaline soundtrack compilation to The Matrix, then some of this music is right up your alley.  (See track 9, Batmanís First Fight).

The majority of the tracks are of the heavy metal variety.  The main title by Carter sets the tone for the CD with its driving rhythms and flailing guitars. These traits mark all of the tracks by Carter (Bat-Slapped in Store, Batman Beats Chappel, Batman Chases Inque, Inque Escapes).  Somewhere among all of the electronic mayhem are, I think, traces of the theme from immediate predecessor to this animated series. 

By far the best, most listenable tracks, for those of us who arenít playing this CD while running around the house play-acting as Batman, are the mellower.  Farewells (Track 4) is actually pretty nice.  It contains a palette of strings, piano, synth-voices, a bit softer guitar accents, and subtle e-percussions. Track 10, The Legacy Continues is also an oasis with its soft guitar and synths and mellow rhythms. Only at the very end of the of this track does it turn a bit more suspenseful, if not sinister.  The last of the truly listenable tracks is track 29, Move to the Groove.  This piece is more of the Indie-dance variety than anything else.  It does contain the ever present guitars, but the lead instruments are really the sitar and mandolin.

Given the cartoon this music was composed for and the audience, I have to say the music fits.  However, I donít see too many kids outside on a Saturday afternoon head banging as they play superheroes.  Maybe the big band will make a comeback for our favorite comic book heroes sometime soon!



Batman Beyond- Main Title



Cold VS Hot



Terrific Trio VS Rocketeers


4 Bat-Slapped in Store 1:16 *




Batman Defeats Chappel



Batman Chases Inque



Yachting with the Card Gang



Batman's First Fight



The Legacy Continues


11 Hotel Scuffle 1:57 *
12 Trouble in the Museum 1:46 *
13 Inque Escapes 1:22 *
14 Nuclear Lab Destruction 1:54 *
15 Golem Chases Shoppers 2:00 none
16 Willie Defeated 2:37 none
17 Genetic Theft 1:29 *
18 Joker Chase 3:08 *
19 Move to the Groove 1:16 ***
20 Batman Beyond- End Credits 1:00 *
  Total PlayingTime 39:58    



Film Continuity 3  
Originality 5  
CD Length 4  
Track Order 3  
Performance 1  
Final Score 3  

Other reviews:
Goth and heavy metal may not be everyone's cup of tea, and this soundtrack would harsh and demanding on unaccustomed ears.  But for those who like this genre, this album would make an easy listen.  I happen to like melodic heavy metal, but the Goth aspect is a bit too depressing for me.  Emotionally, this album carries the same weight as the Elfman/Burton scores, and one has to be in the mood to bear it.  If nothing else, Batman Beyond makes for a novel, if not intriguing, listening experience.  ***1/2

Helen San - Cinemusic

Batman Beyond (Soundtrack) by Shirley Walker

It is because of soundtracks like this that orchestral film score enthusiasts wake up in cold sweats in the middle of the night, fearing the future existence of a decent scoring genre of music...I admire the talents of Shirley Walker and her adventurous group of musicians, but how can they be proud of producing such demonic crap as this? No strong themes, no consistency between the four composers, no stirring of genuine emotion, no guitar that doesn't crash, no drum sample that doesn't pound, no percussive mix that doesn't tear... There are no redeeming qualities to this music at all. FRISBEE

Christian Clemmensen - Filmtracks

All artwork from Batman Beyond is exclusive property of Rhino Records (c) 1999.  Its appearance is for imformational purposes only.