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NYPD Blue - The Best of Mike Post (Soundtrack)

Tracksounds Rating = 7/10

NYPD Blue - The Best of Mike Post (Soundtrack)

Composed by Mike Post
Arranged, Produced and Performed by Mark Ayres
Released by Silva Screen Records on October 1999

Track Title Time Rating Oh!  Remember that Show?
by Christopher Coleman

For years composer Mike Post has been writing the music we associate with some of our favorite TV shows.  Silva Screen Records provide us with a unique collection of this manís memorable works.  While each theme is not equally enjoyable, they sure have found their way into our collective-television consciousness. 

The best of Mike Post, would have had to come from the era of the 1970ís, but there are a couple from the 1980ís that also bring back some good TV-memories.  Unfortunately, as Post hit the nineties, it seems he left his best stuff behind.

The nineties are represented by NYPD Blue (1993) with its barrage of percussion and Law & Order (1990) with its purely synth theme that reminds of Postís great hits from the 80ís.  

Several series which originated in the eighties are represented here and showcase Mike Post in his Hey-day.  While not all of his themes from the eighties are what one would call great, he did manage to consistently produce winners.  Hill Street Blues (1981) is one of the all time best television themes and the performance here is very close to the original recording.  Another 80ís favorite is the theme from LA Law (1986) and it too is fairly close to the original, except the sax just misses the mark.  Wiseguy (1987) is almost a complete rehash of LA Law but doesnít provide the same punch as its predecessor.  On the lighter side, Mike Post created the themes for Quantum Leap and Doogie Howser M.D. (1989)  in the eighties.  These two themes are very simple and feature Postís signature synths, but are a bit less enjoyable.

Mike Postís theme for Magnum P.I. ranks right up there with Hill Street Blues even though it takes a much more aggressive stance.  Post followed Ian Freebairn Smithís original theme, composed for the first few episodes of Magnum, making only slight changes to it.  While his theme for Hardcastle & MCCormick (1983) and Hunter (1984) share this eighties-rock-aggressive style, Magnum P.I. outclasses them both.  

Now, the A-Team (1983), what a crazy bunch of heroes.  The eighties version of the Dirty Dozen received a theme that was adventurous and heroic, but also reflected some upbeat rhythms found Postís other eighties themes.  A very similar style to the A-Team is found Tales of the Gold Monkey (1982).

Going back to the seventies- now thereís a decade for you!  Two of the best themes found on this CD are from that decade.  The Rockford Files (1974) and The White Shadow (1978) are simply two of the best themes of the era.  The confident, edgy theme for The Rockford Files displays Posts creativity while The White Shadow walks along the edge of seventies-funk.  Riptide (1984)  but it isnít nearly as memorable.  The theme presented here for The White Shadow appears to be the second version of the theme.  This is a different arrangement of the original theme song.  Unfortunately, this rearrangement is not nearly as good as the original theme, but it does give one enough of the original to remember how much one liked the song and the show. 

It doesnít appear that any of these tracks are the original recordings from the TV shows and this is a shame.  Yes, we all remember these themes, but we have listened to one arrangement and performance of these themes for so many times that we know every note and nuance by heart.  This fact hurts this CD release.  While these performances remind us of these prime-time shows, it is impossible for them to hit a bulls-eye, for they would have to perform them identically to the originals to do so.  That being said, having this CD is better than not having these themes at all.

Mike Post has been a main staple for the realm of television themes for nearly three decades and it looks as though he will be going strong into the 2000 as he has composed the themes for several running television shows: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Martial Law, Silk Stalkings.  Silva Screen has done well in honouring his accomplishments.  If one is into small, nostalgic musical snippets, then this is a good choice for you!





Doogie Howser M.D.



Hardcastle & McCormick

3:19 **
4 Hill Street Blues 3:06 ****


3:27 **

L.A. Law

2:48 ****

Law and Order

2:50 **

Magnum P.I.

2:22 ****

Quantum Leap

3:02 ***


2:22 ***

The Rockford Files

2:31 ****
12 Tales of the Gold Monkey 3:06 **

The White Shadow

2:44 ***
14 Wiseguy 2:55 **
15 The A - Team 3:14 ***
  Total PlayingTime 43:50    



Film Continuity 8  
Originality 7  
CD Length 7  
Track Order 6  
Performance 5  
Final Score 8  

Other reviews:

If you love TV themes, this compilation of 15 of Mike Post's best 80's themes (and some from the 90's too) is a treat.  Everything from romping action tunes to sweet dramatic melodies, all zestfully performed with that tell tale 80's synthesized rock sound...While the selections and tunes are commendable, their renditions on this album leave something to be desired.  If the sound were better, all of these TV goodies would have gotten a higher rating.  As it is, it is a nice collection to pick up used--just remember to skip the Doogie Howser track. ***

Helen San - Cinemusic

NYPD Blue - The Best of Mike Post (Soundtrack)

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NYPD Blue - The Best of Mike Post (Soundtrack)


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