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Black Knight by Randy Edelman

Black Knight

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Black Knight (Soundtrack)  by Randy Edelman

Black Knight
Composed by Randy Edelman
Varese Sarabande Records (2001)

Rating: 4/10

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“Edelman is a long-time composer of heavily synthesized scores and his patented sound is starting to wear a bit thin.  BLACK KNIGHT does have its moments.  The bad thing is that they are interspersed with some pretty horrendous moments as well.”

Oh Camelot, How Thee Hath Fallen!
Review by Christopher Coleman

Produced by Randy Edelman
Executive Producer: Robert Townson

Randy Edelman is just not heard from enough. With stand out efforts such as DRAGONHEART, GETTSYBURG, and PASSION OF MIND, its disappointing that Edelman doesn't obtain more work. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, he takes on assignments such as BLACK KNIGHT, which stars Martin Lawrence as a misplaced, misguided, city-slicker from the 21st century cast into the Middle Ages. His mere placement into the Medieval World is suppose to provide the backbone of humor. A black-man in Medieval hilarious! Right? Wrong. If that wasn't bad enough, his character's name is Jamal Sky Walker. Oh, a play on Star Wars! How clever! Right? Wrong. As bad as this sounds, perhaps the score could be a silver-lining to this medieval-mess.  Right?...

With such a story to work with it would seem that Randy Edelman had little chance of producing a decent score. Edelman's score contains elements that most his fans have come to know and appreciate: strong but underused melodies and expansive, but of course, synthesized orchestra instruments, occasional guitar motifs and so forth. BLACK KNIGHT offers a bit of each and they represent the highlights of the score, as well-worn as they might be. The problem is that most of these have been heard, in one form or another, on previous Edelman projects...and, at least, had the merit of being somewhat fresh back then.

With the premise of the film, one would have to expect Edelman to attempt to fuse urban grooves with the noble sound of the Middle Ages. This he does and as one would also have to expect too, it flat-out doesn't work. Not only in the very concept, but Edelman doesn't do the hip-hop-thing very well. It is of the cheesey, Hollywood-type of urban music that I always do my best to ignore. Add to this the occasional and clearly incompatible nod to the Western (ie. lonely harmonica) and one has real problem on their hands...err ears.

Edelman is a long-time composer of heavily synthesized scores and his patented sound is wearing a bit thin.  BLACK KNIGHT does have its moments.  The bad thing is that they are interspersed with some pretty horrendous moments.  The overall experience of this soundtrack is worse than any single track; therefore, the rating drops to a 4/10.  If one is desperate for a slice or two of some of Edelman's patented sound, then BLACK KNIGHT might be worth a look; otherwise, look to some of his other more recent projects such as his collaboration with John Frizzell on GODS AND GENERALS.


Rating: 4/10

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Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 A Queen and a Dream 2:55  ***
2 Castle World 1:22  **
3 Jamal on Horseback 1:24  **
4 Danger in the Early Morning 1:49  **
5 A Medieval "Hood" 2:19  **
6 Romance in the Dark 1:24  ***
7 The Black Knight 2:42  **
8 One Day with Honor 2:01  ***
9 Escape Over the Moat 2:41  ***
10 The Middle Age Inn 1:55  **
11 Upcoming Execution 1:50  ***
12 Winning the Crowd 1:23  ***
13 Looking Toward a Rainbow 1:23  ***
14 Where's Victoria? 1:06  ***
15 Checkmate 0:34  ***
16 Training for the Battle 1:11  **
17 Elliot's Lullaby 0:42  ***
18 Backwood Rebels 2:15  **
19 Renaissance Sway 3:32  **
20 Closing 1:30  **
  Total Running Time (approx) 37 minutes  




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