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Blades of Glory by Theodore Shapiro

Blades of Glory

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Blades of Glory (Soundtrack) by Theodore Shapiro

Blades of Glory
Composed by Theodore Shapiro
Lakeshore Records (2007)

Rating: 6/10

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Listen to this soundclip of Blades of GlorySlice and Dice on Ice (354 kb)

Listen to this soundclip of Blades of GloryIcy Hot Superslide (357 kb)


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“BLADES OF GLORY skates around a number of musical ideas and genres, more successfully with the straight—and sometimes overblown—heroics than with the outright comedic bits.”

Not Exactly Glorious…But Fun Nonetheless
Review by Cap Stewart

In the realm of sports, the phrase “Blades of Glory” might conjure up images of amazing feats and astounding accomplishments. The last thing that would naturally come to mind (before the release of this movie, anyway) would be Will Ferrell and John Heder, let alone as men in tights…on ice…in skates. Of course, that’s kind of the point. Comedy springs from the unexpected, and the plot of BLADES OF GLORY is no exception.

Not exactly unexpected was the selection of THEODORE SHAPIRO to provide the score. No stranger to comedy, Shapiro had previously written the music to STARSKY & HUTCH, DODGEBALL: A TRUE UNDERDOG STORY, and THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA (just to name a few). The composer has stated that he prefers not forcing comedic elements into a film, but rather to play seriously and let the comedy come out of the story. This tendency is evident in BLADES OF GLORY. The musical devices and genres Shapiro uses are rather varied, but the most prominently used is the heroic sports music, and this music ends up being the score’s saving grace.

In fact, the main theme is such a memorable and inspiration piece that it would fit perfectly in the televised presentation of the Olympics. As a standalone piece of work, the sports music for BLADES OF GLORY rarely sounds over-the-top—although I’m betting the accompanying visuals dramatically (or comically) change the feel. (Not having seen the film, I can’t say for sure.)

If one were to be exposed to the first several tracks of the soundtrack without any introduction, the resulting conclusion might be that this is a serious score for a serious sports movie. It isn’t until track 5 that the music becomes blatantly comedic. Of course, one look at the track titles would confirm the music’s—and film’s—genre. Such track titles include “Slice and Dice on Ice,” “Icy Hot Superslides,” and “Grublets On Ice!”

Track lengths generally stay around one or two minutes. Only “The Chase” (track 21), an all-out action cue, and “Blades of Glory” (track 23) exceed the six-minute mark. Unfortunately, two of the best tracks on the album, “World Wintersport” (track 20) and “Breaking the Ice” (track 22), are also two of the shortest—both under thirty seconds.

As mentioned earlier, there is a rather large hodgepodge of musical ingredients. None of the elements stays around for too long, but there are hints at many ideas, including the Middle-East, the Old West, ancient Middle-Earth (think Howard Shore’s theme for the Orcs), and even Barney (yes, the purple dinosaur everyone wishes Dick Cheney would go hunting with).

Not to be outdone by the (purposefully) heavy-handed nature of “The Chase” (track 21), the last track begins with a thematic, instrumental, and choral buildup that rivals the dramatic intensity of any action/epic movie trailer ever produced. “Over the top” doesn’t begin to describe it. (Again, I’m sure that’s the point. In any case, it’s a great sixty seconds of music.) Shapiro finishes the album by bringing back the sports elements in all their…well, glory.

In summary, BLADES OF GLORY skates around a number of musical ideas and genres, more successfully with the straight—and sometimes overblown—heroics than with the outright comedic bits. The score won’t win any gold medals, but it is fun enough to listen to.


Rating: 6/10


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Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 Slice and Dice on Ice 1:08  ***
2 Capture the Dream 2:37  ***
3 Freight Train from Hell 2:35  ***
4 Snow Cones 2:28  ***
5 Icy Hot Superslide 1:21  ***
6 The Verticoli 0:54  ***
7 The Family Plot 1:55  ***
8 The Iron Lotus 1:31  ***
9 Ready to Make History 1:00  ***
10 The Illustrated Man 1:16  ***
11 Pile of Guts 1:57  **
12 The Loophole 0:57  ***
13 Grublets on Ice! 0:56  **
14 Teh Human Onion 0:35  **
15 We Did It 0:40  ***
16 Plan B 0:52  **
17 Stranz and Fairchild 0:55  **
18 Disowned 1:12  **
19 Cruel Bitch Mother 1:21  **
20 World Wintersport 0:28  ***
21 The Chase 6:53  ***
22 Breaking the Ice 0:23  ***
23 Blades of Glory 6:02  ****
  Total Running Time (approx) 51 minutes  




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