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Bounce (Soundtrack) by Mychael Danna

Mellow Out and Bounce
Review by Christopher Coleman


Bounce (Soundtrack) by Mychael Danna

Bounce (Soundtrack) by Mychael Danna

Category  |   Score

Originality 9
Music Selection 9
Composition 9
CD Length 6
Track Order 8
Performance 8
Final Score 8/10


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Track 8 - Now I am

Track 14 - Deception



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Composer Mychael Danna
Mychael Danna


Quick Quotes

"Strangely enough, I felt almost as though I was listening to a W.G. Snuffy Walden "thirtysomething" score at times during this album. I'm pretty sure that's a compliment, but it's not to say that the music is very "Danna-esque." It comes and it goes without offending anyone, but Danna's work in the past has tended to be far bolder. A pretty enough score, but if you haven't got some of Danna's more "eccentric" work -- particularly The Sweet Hereafter and The Ice Storm - I'd recommend those first."

James Barry - SoundtrackNet Reviews Bounce


Composed by Mychael Danna
Produced by Mychael Danna
Orchestrator and Conductor: Nicholas Dodd
Executive Producer: Robert Townson
Performed by Sumesh Pathak (Bansuri), Lyle Werkman (Electric Guitar), 
Mike Elisondo (Bass Guitar)
Released by Varese Sarabande Records December 2000

Since the mid-1990's, Mychael Danna, has been producing more and more intriguing film music. He has been and remains one of the more inventive composers for features film scores.  Continually combining Asian or Middle Eastern instruments with Western, Mychael Danna is helping to separate himself from the very crowded pack of good composers.  He appears to be carving out his own special place within film music.  His work for Bounce is a relaxing but enthralling mix of contemporary rhythms, lush orchestral strings and memorable melodies.  The overall expression of this score is a high quality, hip and mellow musical experience.

Back in 1997, music fans were thrilled with Patrick Doyle's work for Great Expectations.  It caught many off guard with its merging of classic orchestral score and contemporary music elements.  Surprisingly, there have been few, if any scores, that have followed in that same vein since.  Mychael Danna's score for Bounce; however, might qualify as such a score.  While Doyle's Great Expectations will likely remain the standard by which all such modern scores of this type are measured, Bounce is a remarkable and welcome addition to the category.

Danna develops the main theme and several secondary themes which only have a few opportunities to show themselves due the brevity of the CD.  This choice works quite well to keep the listener from getting bored or frustrated with over-repetitious music.  By limiting the exposure of each theme, Danna and the producers of this CD, make each theme's appearance a welcome one and leaves the listener wanting more. 

Initially, one might anticipate a little Kama Sutra as a magical Basuri is played to open the score in track 1.  It isn't long before Danna begins building up to an orchestral crescendo just prior to introducing the modern, rhythmic element of the score.  It is brilliantly done and guaranteed to make most listeners stop and give full attention to the music.

Well mixed into this score are the romantic elements.  Tracks such as Bad Time (2), Moving Day (4), Deception (14) are laden with lush strings and simple piano melodies.  They make for a wonderful balance to the other more contemporary pieces.  As well as Danna does the contemporary, he does soft and emotional, too.

For some time now composer Thomas Newman has brought his modern sound to the forefront in scores such as American Beauty, Erin Brokovich, and Pay it Forward.  Unfortunately, most the time, the music is lacking that musical "hook" that keeps one coming back for more.  Danna has taken a page from Thomas Newman and, I'd have to say, has vastly improved on the style.  Keeping the seventies-style synths, glass orchestra, heavily "reverbed" piano and simple percussions, Danna adds a wealth of depth by layering in full orchestral strings and/or digital samples.   These additions make Bounce infinitely more interesting to listen to than any of the aforementioned Newman scores.  

In keeping step with the pop style of the film, Danna forges this score with a very modern-palette.  At the same time, Danna includes a strong romantic element through his use of a traditional orchestra.  Bounce is, overall, much mellower and less diverse than Doyle's work for Great Expectations, but it has its own unique charm that is sure to appeal to a younger audience.  Once again, the film music community owes a debt of thanks to Varese Sarabande for releasing any of the score at all; otherwise, there would only be the dreaded "music inspired by the motion picture" Bounce CD available.  Still, it must be mentioned that  there is only 30 minutes or so of score; most tracks being under two minutes in length.  Again, the brevity of the tracks does work in the sense that before one can get the slightest bit bored with any particular track, the next one is starting up.  The "repeat" option on your CD Player is a must for this one!

Track Listing and Ratings

 Track Title Time


1 Weather 3:27  *****
2 Bed Time 1:06  ****
3 Boarding Pass 2:33  ****
4 Moving Day 1:06  ****
5 Hangover 0:57  ****
6 Crash 1:37  ***
7 Nice to Meet You 1:35  ****
8 Now I Am 1:09  ****
9 So Brave 1:45  ****
10 Seven Steps 2:18  ****
11 Christmas Trees 1:47  ***
12 Award 1:21  ***
13 Kiss 1:40  ****
14 Deception 1:12  ****
15 Say Goodbye 1:21  ***
16 Testimony 1:36  ****
17 You're Excused 1:46  ****
18 Can We Try 2:05  ****

Total Running Time



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