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Brothers by Thomas Newman


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 Brothers (Soundtrack) by Thomas Newman








Brothers (Soundtrack) by Thomas Newman

Composed by Thomas Newman
Lionsgate Records (2009)

Rating: 7/10

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“Ultimately, your enjoyment of BROTHERS’ score will depend on how familiar and friendly you are toward Thomas Newman’s recognizable style, because he is well within his comfort zone here."

A Troubled Family
Review by Marius Masalar

Normally, we expect film re-makes to emerge a significant amount of time after their progenitors do, but not so with BROTHERS, Jim Sheridan’s recent revival of the 2004 Danish film BRØDRE. As the title suggests, the action is largely centred around two siblings, Sam (Tobey Maguire) and Tommy Cahill (Jake Gyllenhaal), and their lives over the weeks surrounding Tommy’s release from prison and Sam’s military duty in Afghanistan.

What may not be apparent from the onset is that this is far more than a family melodrama. The film’s all-American setting throws into sharp relief the impact of the current war on the families of the soldiers, and the cast’s heartfelt performances elevate the production to a poignant social critique. Tobey Maguire certainly earned his Golden Globe nomination.

Underscoring this effort is a master of emotional music: THOMAS NEWMAN. The talented composer (unlucky and underappreciated perhaps for being among the only composers whom the Academy seems to be allergic to) provides the film with an understated but undeniably beautiful score, with a consistent tone, a memorable theme, and the same pristine orchestration for which he is known.

“Homecoming” (1) is a marvelous opening, with the main theme prominently on display on the guitar. Subtle synth and percussion effects carry on unobtrusively underneath, somehow providing a sense of progression what would otherwise be a repetitive and uninteresting track. “Bad News” (2) moves on directly into a more upbeat pace, while maintaining the slightly mournful tone of the opening. Newman addresses the prison-released character of Tommy with “Uncle Tommy” (3), a rocking track that presently fades into a more atmospheric middle before finishing back where it started.

The mood darkens noticeably and predictably with the track “Afghanistan” (4). It’s impressive to see how unsettling Newman can make this piece without resorting to crazy dissonances. Some Middle-Eastern instruments chime in for authenticity, and then promptly vanish again to make room for more eerie ambience and an edgier guitar by the time the album reaches its 6th track, “Sold”.

As the film comes back to Sam’s wife, who slowly warms to her brother-in-law Tommy, the film’s score takes a lighter turn with “Ice Skating” (7). “Not Another Word” (8) keeps the positive feelings from lasting, segueing smoothly into another rendition of the main theme. “Brothers (Main Title)” (9) is in fact very similar in presentation to the opening track — almost a direct reprise — with only a few cosmetic differences in the background elements to differentiate it.

Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan, “No Value” (10), and “The Pipe” (11) are a powerful and restrained treatment of some of the film’s most disturbing scenes. The mood is all over the place toward the end: from the darkness of those two tracks to the frivolity of “Snowman” (12) and peacefulness of “Night Graves” (13). In “War Hero” (14), Newman gives us one last dose of outright depression before launching into the finale, “What Happened?” (15) which is among the more passionate, nostalgic, and heartfelt moments in the composer’s career.

Ultimately, your enjoyment of BROTHERS’ score will depend on how familiar and friendly you are toward THOMAS NEWMAN’s recognizable style, because he is well within his comfort zone here. Regardless, the music is sad, beautiful and, in the case of the main theme, quite memorable. There’s not a lot of variation or development of the theme, sadly, and many of the more ambient tracks pass by unnoticed, but the level of detail and craft in the music is always there for those who are willing to listen for it. In the end, it’s hard to imagine a more suitable composer for such a film, and we can only hope that the Academy Awards discover Benadryl.

Rating: 7/10


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Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 Homecoming 1:49  *****
2 Bad News 1:01  ****
3 Uncle Tommy 2:40  ***
4 Afghanistan 1:23  ****
5 In the Hole 0:41  **
6 Sold 1:27  ***
7 Ice Skating 1:02  ***
8 Not Another Word 0:53  **
9 Brothers (Main Title) 1:59  *****
10 No Value 1:49  ***
11 The Pipe 2:42  ****
12 Snowman 0:48  **
13 Night Graves 1:05  ***
14 War Hero 0:49  **
15 What Happened? 4:43  *****
  Total Running Time (approx) 34 minutes  




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