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Continuum (Season 1) by Jeff Danna

Continuum (Season 1)

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Continuum (Season 1) (Soundtrack) by Jeff Danna
Continuum (Season 1) (Soundtrack) by Jeff Danna










Continuum (Season 1) (Soundtrack) by Jeff Danna

Continuum (Season 1)
Composed by Jeff Danna
Lakeshore Records (2013)

Rating: 5/10

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“JEFF DANNA’S score does little to offend, but is perhaps worse as a result, having taken little-to-no risk whatsoever.”

Review by Richard Buxton


Time travel is a theme that has been covered by many large-scale television dramas in recent times. The likes of LOST, HEROES, and TERRA NOVA have all flirted with the plot-hole minefield that is time travel, but rarely are shows as deeply invested in the consequences of time travel as CONTINUUM. The sci-fi drama, recently renewed for third season, follows the struggles of law enforcement officer Kiera Cameron as she is unwittingly dragged backwards in time to the year 2012 by the fleeing “freedom fighter” group Liber8. Composer JEFF DANNA scores Kiera’s attempts to thwart Liber8 whilst simultaneously trying not to alter the future she strives to return to.

Many high-profile dramas in recent years have all shared one thing - a memorable opening title sequence. Whether it is an extended slick combination of animation and score such as that of HUMAN TARGET, the ominous droning of LOST, the unmistakable ticking of 24, or the awe-inspiring eclipse of HEROES, having a title sequence that sticks can often help provide iconic status for a show. More often than not, the title sequence sets the tone for not only the visual drama, but also for the show’s score. This is once again the case with CONTINUUM, but not in the way the creators might have hoped for. From the second episode onwards, CONTINUUM’S opening is a summary of the show’s general plot, in the vein of Jack Bauer’s introductory monologue during his first season of world-saving. The music heard alongside CONTINUUM’S opening is sparse, lacking the necessary conviction that would result in something memorable. Unfortunately, much of JEFF DANNA’S score continues in this manner. DANNA exercises a lot of restraint across the score, with even the most action-packed sequences sounding almost apologetic at times. When DANNA does let loose, in “Rooftop Battle” (3) and the second half of both “Kagame’s Manifesto” (1) and “Kiera Gets Her Tech” (5) for example, CONTINUUM becomes significantly more engaging, despite often sounding derivative of many a modern TV drama score.

Much of the action material is condensed into the first third of the score, and subsequently the remaining material is of almost inconsequential nature. Pensive string-based cues, such as “A View to the Past” (16), largely dominate the score up until its lacklustre finale “All About the Money” (19), that is entirely predictable in its tension building. Attempts to alleviate the score’s floundering ultimately result in wholly generic string ostinatos - such as those heard in the climax of “Good News 2077” - the instrumentation sounding far too sparse to muster any sort of invigorating sequences.

JEFF DANNA’S score does little to offend, but is perhaps worse as a result, having taken little-to-no risk whatsoever. CONTINUUM is a fundamentally average score, and can therefore only be recommended to those fans of the show with a real hunger for all things CONTINUUM.

Rating: 5/10


Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 Kagame's Manifesto 2:25  ****
2 Keira at the ATM 1:37  ***
3 Rooftop Battle 2:02  ****
4 Kagame's Vision of the City 2:06  ***
5 Kiera Get Her Tech 1:45  **
6 Keira Remembers the Future 2:17  ***
7 The Years 2012 3:52  ***
8 The Linear Collider 1:56  ***
9 Liber8 2:30  ***
10 Good News 2077 2:26  ***
11 The Proctector 1:37  ***
12 Kiera Meets Alec 1:20  ***
13 I Don't Have Dreams 2:01  ***
14 Under the Bridge 2:53  ***
15 Carlos Lie 2:03  **
16 A View to the Past 3:25  ***
17 A Working Time Machine 2:33  ***
18 The Game Simulation 1:34  ***
19 All About the Money 2:53  **
  Total Running Time (approx) 43 minutes  


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