Selections from Final Fantasy XII (soundtrack) by Hitoshi Sakimoto



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Selections from Final Fantasy XII
by Hitoshi Sakimoto

Final Fantasy XII Playstation 2 Game








Selections from Final Fantasy XII (Soundtrack) by Hitoshi Sakimoto

Selections from Final Fantasy XII
Composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto
Tofu Records

Rating: 5/10

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Listen to this soundclip of Selections from Final Fantasy XIIOpening Movie (380 kb)

Listen to this soundclip of Selections from Final Fantasy XIIParting Ways (339 kb)

Listen to this soundclip of Selections from Final Fantasy XIILife and Death (419 kb)

Listen to this soundclip of Selections from Final Fantasy XIIKiss Me Goodbye (381 kb)


“For those not in-tune with this specific RPG-world, FINAL FANTASY XII might not be the most invigorating of all game scores, but does have a number of engaging moments that are worth a listen.”

Not So Final
Review by Christopher Coleman

One of gaming history's most well-known and enduring franchises is FINAL FANTASY. The first game was released in 1987 and has since seen twelve sequel games...the most of any game franchise to date. While each new edition of the Final Fantasy game carries little, in terms of plotline, from game to game, one of the few things that remained consistent was the musical contribution from composer Nobuo Uematsu. His score and themes are beloved by the Final Fantasy faithful and some of those themes are recognized outside of the realm of the RPG (role playing game). While Final Fantasy IX was the last to see Uematsu as sole composer, he remains involved with the franchise through Final Fantasy XIII and possibly beyond.

Since FFIX, the game series had taken leave of Uematsu's foundation; diving into pop-based soundtrack for FFX, to the massively multiplayer role playing game of FFXI, where the music becomes much slower in tempo and oft repeated. With the likes of Naoshi Mizuta and Kumi Tanioka joining Uematsu, the franchise had musically turned a corner...for better or for worse. But the franchise continued to evolve...

In this ongoing evolution, new composing talent is thrown into the mix.  For  FINAL FANTASY XII  several came on board to provide the game's considerably lengthy score. Hitoshi Sakimoto carries the lionshare of the score with the final cue being written by Nobuo Uematsu once again. Additional compositions for FFXII come from Hayao Matsuo and Masaharu Iwata.

FINAL FANTASY XII is no Sakimoto's first contribution to the franchise, however. He partnered with long-time collaborator, Masaharu Iwata, to deliver the score for FINAL FANTASY TACTICS (1997) where they demonstrated their strong abilities in developing thematic material. Addtionally, Hitoshi Sakimoto has written well respected scores for other video games such as: Treasure Hunter G, Radiant Silvergun, Vagrant Story, and Gradius V.

The initial release for this score came in the form of one of those extravagant, limited edition packages that Japanese labels are famous for. The impressive package includes a 4-disc, offering 100 tracks of music and set placed in a DVD-style package and a 28 page booklet. In the third quarter of 2006, Tofu Records released an abbreviated soundtrack from the game, SELECTIONS FROM FINAL FANTASY XII - Original soundtrack. The word "abbreviated" can only be used in comparison to the limited-edition this newest release still contains 31 tracks spanning over 73 minutes!

Angela AkiHitoshi Sakimoto and company's work for FINAL FANTASY XII is full of strong thematic material, blarring fanfares, and pulsating, action cues, but also subtler thematic pieces. Hitoshi Sakimoto helps the franchise return to the Uematsu-roots of dynamic, orchestral game music. In fact, one can hear many earlier Final Fantasy themes composed by Nobuo Uematsu rearranged throughout this score including: "Final Fantasy" theme (1), and "Chocobo Theme" (20). Additionally, the 4-disc release includes three other Uematsu compositions arranged by Sakimoto: "Victory Fanfare" and "Clash on the Big Bridge." Finally, the end cue, "Kiss Me Goodbye" is a new Uematsu composition sung by ANGELA AKI.

The Final Fantasy franchise seems to be as strong as ever. Hitoshi Sakimoto's score for FINAL FANTASY XII returns to origins of the franchise and is a definite improvement over XI. While there are those "electronic" moments that are strong reminders of game-scores of yester-year, Final Fantasy fans would likely have it no other way. It's a signature sound that fans continue to fondly embrace, while those who have not donated countless days or years of their lives to playing the games, might find the overall listening experience a tad lacking.  With several contributions from FF-legend, composer Nobuo Uematsu, the game series has found its musical-footing again. The franchise appears poised for the future, too, with FINAL FANTASY XIII being developed for the Playstation 3. For those not in-tune with this specific RPG-world, FINAL FANTASY XII might not be the most invigorating of all game scores, but does have a number of engaging moments that are worth a listen.

Rating: 5/10

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Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 Opening Movie (FFXII Theme) 7:00  ***
2 Boss Battle 1:55  **
3 Training in the Sewers 1:09  ***
4 Penelo's Theme 1:40  ***
5 To Be a Sky Pirate 0:36  ***
6 Gutter-Churl 1:36  **
7 The Dalmasca Estersand 4:04  ***
8 Quiet Resolve 1:51  ***
9 Parting Ways 0:33  ***
10 Nalbina Fortress 1:28  ***
11 Flash of Steel 2:37  **
12 Balthier's Promise 0:39  **
13 Nalbina Dungeons 2:31  ***
14 The Archadian Empire 4:07  ***
15 Black of Night (Imperial Version) 1:03  **
16 Discord (Imperial Version) 1:42  ***
17 The Yensan Sandsea 1:23  ***
18 Life and Death 2:47  ***
19 Golmore Jungle 2:07  **
20 Chocobo Theme (FFXII Theme) 1:18  ***
21 The Salikawood 1:29  ***
22 A Moment's Rest 2:28  ***
23 On the Riverbank 1:54  ***
24 The Mosphoran Highwaste 1:38  ***
25 The Cerobi Steppe 3:16  ***
26 Zertinan Caverns 1:46  **
27 Ashe's Theme 1:59  ***
28 To Walk Amongst Gods 2:00  ***
29 Bahamut Shudders 0:44  ***
30 Struggle for Freedom 8:53  ***
31 Kiss Me Goodbye (Angela Aki) 4:57  ***
  Total Running Time (approx) 73 minutes  




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