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Gods and Generals by Randy Edelman and John Frizzell

Gods and Generals

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Gods and Generals (Soundtrack)  by Randy Edelman and John Frizzell

Gods and Generals
Composed by Randy Edelman and John Frizzell
Sony Classical Records (2003)

Rating: 8/10

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Listen to this soundclip of Gods and Generals02 Gods and Generals

Listen to this soundclip of Gods and Generals09 These Brave Irishmen

Listen to this soundclip of Gods and Generals15 Vmi Will Be Heard from Today

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“This is a well crafted tribute to one of America's darkest, yet, in some ways, noblest chapters. ”

Before Gettysburg
Review by Christopher Coleman

The score for GODS AND GENERALS seemingly came out of nowhere. Being very interested in both history and film, I'd been looking forward to director Ronald Maxwell's (Gettysburg) newest Civil War epic. However, upon hearing Frizzell and Edelman were doing the music, I found myself slightly deflated and skeptical at whether or not the combination would work. Upon hearing Sony Classical's release, I can say the skepticism was clearly misplaced.

John Frizzell (who composed most of the score) delivers an engaging effort with the help of Edelman.  GODS AND GENERALS brims with nearly everything we come to expect from a period epic: A strong main title, old world instruments (notably Irish, denoting the many Irish immigrants who fought for both sides), and motifs that capture the sound of traditional American folk tunes. There is even a choir mixed in, which creates a gorgeously operatic and lyrical set of cues. Some may recognize a slight Hans-Zimmer-like quality to some of the themes, but the majority remains quite original. Don't look for action music here--the score is primarily on the soft, thematic side. 

Some of the best tracks include the choral "Gods and Generals" (2), "To the Stone Wall" (10), the momentem-laden "The School of the Soldier" (6), and the closest the album comes to action, "VMI Will Be Heard from Today" (15). There are many more above average cues that help comprise the 62 minutes of music. The songs by Bob Dylan and Mary Fahl are somewhat intrusive marketing tools--the score is where the attention should be. Also, the CD comes packed with a limited edition DVD with just under a half hour of material, including a theatrical trailer, bonus footage from the film (featuring music, in 5.1 Dolby Digital), and two music videos--a great bonus. This is a well crafted tribute to one of America's darkest, yet, in some ways, noblest chapters.

Rating: 8/10

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Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 Going Home (Mary Fahl) 4:56  ***
2 Gods & Generals 3:42  ****
3 You Must Not Worry for Us 2:09  ****
4 Loved I Not Honor More 3:13  ***
5 Lexington is My Home 1:23  ****
6 The School of the Soldier 3:58  ****
7 Go to Their Graves Like Beds 2:24  ****
8 My Heart Shall Not Fear 1:46  ****
9 These Brave Irishmen 2:51  ****
10 To the Stone Wall 3:41  *****
11 You'll Thank Me in the Morning 3:20  *****
12 The First Crop of Corn 3:26  ****
13 My Home is Virginia 4:24  ****
14 No Photographs 2:53  ****
15 VMI Will be Heard from Today 2:42  ****
16 Too Much Sugar 1:56  ***
17 Let Us Cross the River 2:48  ****
18 The Soldier's Return 2:02  ****
19 Cross the Green Mountain (Bob Dylan) 8:14  *
  Total Running Time (approx) 62 minutes  




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