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Happy Feet by John Powell and Various Artists






Buy Happy Feet by John Powell and Prince, Gia Farrel, Pink, Brittany Murphy, K D Lang, The Beach Boys  from Amazon.com

Happy Feet (Soundtrack) by John Powell and Various Artists

Happy Feet
Score by John Powell
Performed by: Prince, Pink, Gia Farrel, Brittany Murphy, K D Lang, The Beach Boys, The Brand New Heavies
Warner Sunset/Atlantic Records

Rating: 4/10

Buy Happy Feet by John Powell and Various Artists  from Amazon.com


Listen to this soundclip of Happy FeetJump and Move (422 kb)

Listen to this soundclip of HAPPY FEETThe Story of Mumble Happyfeet (423 kb)



“Mumble Happyfeet is set on adventure of self-discovery that is set to both a contemporary soundtrack as well as the diverse talents of veteran composer John Powell.”

Got the Hearsong...but where's the Heartscore?
Review by Christopher Coleman

Mumble HappyfeetYet another entry into what has to be a record year for full-length 3-D animated films is Warner Brothers' HAPPY FEET.  As is the tradition with more animated feature films than not, HAPPY FEET is highly dependent on its music.  In HAPPY FEET, poor emperor penguin, Mumble Happyfeet, can't sing, and hence can't find and display his own "heartsong."  Instead, young Mumbles shows that he's got another talent - the boy can dance.  Mumbles' object of affection, Gloria, just happens to be one of the best singers  of the penguin colony.  Becoming an outcast, Mumbles is set on adventure of self-discovery that is set to both a contemporary soundtrack as well as the diverse talents of veteran composer John Powell.

The Warner Sunset/Atlantic soundtrack releases cashes in on the all-star contributions of the likes of Prince, Pink, Gia Farrel, Yolanda Adams, Brittany Murphy and even The Beach Boys.  This soundtrack derives its personality from classic R & B remakes such as Stevie Wonder's "I Wish," Rufus and Chaka Kahn's "Tell Me Something Good" and Earth, Wind and Fire's "Boogie Wonderland."   Each remake takes an expansive turn with large choir background vocals reflecting the large emperor penguin community which float in and out of the backdrop the film.  There are a number of more contemporary tracks that fuel this soundtrack's groove.  The soundtrack launches with a smooth cut, "A Song from the Heart," from Prince that helps to get the audience's heads, hearts, and feet into film's groove.  The signature track which caught the attention of audiences in the HAPPY FEET trailer is "Jump and Move" by The Brand New Heavies.  Gia Farrell's single "Hit me Up" has also been released as the lead single from soundtrack.  The pop tune will certainly satisfy the teens and pre-teen members of the audience with its dance but bubble-gummy nature.  It's Mumbles' unique propensity for dance and Gloria's diva status that gives HAPPY FEET so many opportunities for upbeat, vocal tunes.  While this soundtrack release focuses on the pop portion of the film's music, the movie is also given its depth through the considerable talents of composer John Powell.

John Powell is certainly one of Hollywood's most creative composers, hence the number of animated films already in his portfolio:  Antz, Chicken Run, Shrek, and also in 2006, Ice Age 2:  The Meltdown...just to name a few.  The final track on the release is reserved for the lone entry from Powell.  The 5:51 track is a quick suite of themes from score.  While it is but the smallest slivers it does showcase John Powell's ability to compose high-energy score that ranges from marching band music, to game-show inspired, to latinesque, disco-fueled music.  The final couple of minutes showcases Powell's ability to build dramatic tension with pulsing rhythms, under girded by menacing electronics.  As in just about every other effort in this genre, in HAPPY FEET, John Powell fails to let his contribution ever get tired or boring.  Not including more or making an all score release available is a crime deserving of banishment to an icy spot at the bottom of the world itself!  As entertaining as this release is, let's hope that Powell's efforts receive a more complete relief before too long.

Rating: 4/10

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Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 Aa Song from the Heart (Prince) 4:36  ****
2 Hit Me Up (Gia Farrel) 3:16  **
3 Tell Me Something Good (Pink) 3:11  ***
4 Somebody to Love (Brittany Murphy) 3:47  *
5 I Wish (Fantasia, Yolanda Adams, Patti Labelle) 3:32  ***
6 Jump 'n Move (The Brand New Heavies featuring Jamalski) 3:22  ****
7 Doe it Again (The Beach Boys) 2:27  **
8 The Joker (Jason Mraz mash-up with "Everything I Own" - Chrissy Hynde) 4:06  **
9 My Way (Robin Williams) 1:45  **
10 Kiss  (Nicole Kidman) with "Heartbreak Hotel"  (Hugh Jackman) 2:36  **
11 Boogie Wonderland  (Brittany Murphy) 5:10  **
12 Golden Slumbers/The End  (k.d. lang) 4:16  **
13 The Story Of Mumble Happyfeet  (John Powell) 5:51  ****
  Total Running Time    




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