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I Am Number Four by Trevor Rabin

I Am Number Four

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I Am Number Four (Soundtrack) by Trevor Rabin
I Am Number Four (Soundtrack) by Trevor Rabin










I Am Number Four (Soundtrack) by Trevor Rabin

I Am Number Four
Composed by Trevor Rabin
Varese Sarabande (2011)

Rating: 6/10

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“The music, whilst consistently exciting, never quite lifts off, instead it takes what could be interpreted as a tour through TREVOR RABIN’S scoring back-catalogue.

Traversing a History of Trevor
Review by Richard Buxton

For those of you that are seeking a throwback to the action scoring style that Remote Control Productions made their own in the 90’s, I AM NUMBER FOUR  may go some way to satiating your thirst. Whilst not reaching the heights of the sound, nor that of TREVOR RABIN’S scoring career, I AM NUMBER FOUR will certainly bring some long forgotten musical memories flooding back.

What might not be such a welcome memory is that of the film itself. Released to a decisively poor critical reception, I AM NUMBER FOUR was widely derided as a derivative and largely forgettable action adventure. This, unfortunately, is a criticism that can be attributed to RABIN’S score, although not to quite the same extent.

Attempting to truly appreciate RABIN’S score in its original in-film form is a somewhat fruitless experience, as his compositions often find themselves struggling to be heard within the various sequences of I AM NUMBER FOUR. Therefore it is hard to say whether hearing the music alongside the film will have created any sort of following. As a pure listening experience, I AM NUMBER FOUR is certainly not the most rewarding. The music, whilst consistently exciting, never quite lifts off, instead it takes what could be interpreted as a tour through TREVOR RABIN’S scoring back-catalogue.

As with most RABIN scores, you know what you are to experience throughout the score’s running time. The fast, rough and chopping strings heard in “Welcome To The Jungle” (1) bring memories of NATIONAL TREASURE to the fore, whereas the swelling string rises in “Henry Dies” (12) echo the tragic sentiment of THE SIXTH DAY. It is in this more emotional and poignant side to the score that RABIN finds greater success. The action music heard is sufficient in its relentless shifts in momentum that constantly change the rhythmic basis of the score. “Forest Fight” (14) serves as an example of this fitting, but never inspiring, and often a slightly irritating, style of in-your-face action that is unable to provide enough originality to ever approach memorable status. When RABIN does attempt to tune in to the emotions of the characters, he yields much more satisfying results. Utilizing his ever-trusted combination of strings and electric guitar, the simple progression heard in the closing moments of “Getting To Know Sarah” (5) produces pleasant if somewhat uninspired romance that serves as a merciful break from the relentless action. Conjuring yet more moments of nostalgia is “Rising From The Ashes” (17), a track that is comprised of the more successful moments heard in REMEMBER THE TITANS, NATIONAL TREASURE and ARMAGEDDON. The triumphant brass and strings would be a fitting backdrop to many a sports film.

Referring to so many scores in RABIN’S history may well come across as a slight against the score, and while it would be a whole lot more rewarding to hear some fresher ideas, it is unlikely to be much of an issue for anyone other than the RABIN’S most dedicated followers. The major issue here is a lack of any evident inspiration, an issue magnified for those with knowledge of the composer’s previous works. The aforementioned pieces serve as a minimal catalyst for emotion that fails to ever evolve beyond a thin layer of suppressed passion. “We Know Where To Go” (21), the final composition, makes for a frustratingly restrained affair. Admittedly, the delicate piano, harp and guitar make for a pleasing blend, but they are just that, pleasing and little more.

IF the various scores that I AM NUMBER FOUR harks back to are particular favorites of a listener then it can be assumed that TREVOR RABIN’S latest would be a worthwhile venture. For others however, it is merely a show reel of RABIN’S previous and largely stronger projects from a bypassed era in film scoring.

Rating: 6/10


Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 Welcome to the Jungle 1:57  ***
2 #3 Ashed 0:51  **
3 Who We Are 3:03  ***
4 Water Vision 1:00  ***
5 Getting to Know Sarah 3:28  ****
6 OK Swell Stay 3:06  ****
7 Finding Henry 2:32  ***
8 VI to the Rescue 3:42  ***
9 IV and Sarah Escape 1:51  ***
10 Pack Your Things 1:37  ***
11 Mog Shop and Feed 1:00  **
12 Henry Dies 1:25  ****
13 Hit Me with Your Lumen 2:50  ***
14 Forest Fight 2:29  ***
15 Going to a Party 1:30  ***
16 Darkroom Lumenary 1:07  ***
17 Rising from the Ashes 1:01  ****
18 Warehouse Search 3:14  ***
19 Commander Mog Explodes 1:30  ***
20 Quarterback Intuition 1:07  **
21 We Know Where to Go 3:07  ****
  Total Running Time (approx) 44 minutes  


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