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The Informers by Christopher Young

The Informers

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 The Informers (Soundtrack) by Christopher Young
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The Informers (Soundtrack) by Christopher Young

The Informers
Composed by Christopher Young
Lakeshore Records (2009)

Rating: 5/10

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“The slow pacing found in most of the tracks serve to give a relaxing, yet suspenseful mood. But make no mistake about it, there's definitely nothing revolutionary about this score”

Greed is good. Sex is easy. Youth is forever. Only if you're uninformed.
Review by Vince Chang

THE INFORMERS is a 2009 film directed by Gregor Jordan. The script was written by Nicholas Jarecki and Bret Easton Ellis, who wrote the original series of short stories back in 1994. The film contains 7 of the 13 linked, short-stories found in the original book. The stories make up a broader slice-of-life snapshot of an entire week in the lives of social circle of people who represent everything from the cream of the crop to the scum of society. The plot creeps forward mostly just by showing their interactions amongst themselves, always in morally deficient ways. An entire subplot involving vampires was cut-out, presumably because a supernatural theme seemed too out of place for a live-action movie adaptation. The film was given only a limited release on April 24, 2009, in 482 select movie theaters across the nation, and maybe rightfully so, since it received scathing reviews by critics and the general public. While best known for his works in the horror-genre with credits to titles such as DRAG ME TO HELL, THE GRUDGE (the original and sequel), and THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, veteran composer CHRISTOPHER YOUNG was brought on to undergird the darker textures of the film's plot. As a memorial note, this was Brad Renfro's final film before he died on January 15, 2008 of a heroin overdose.

Electric guitar, keyboard synth and bass are the dominant forces in this entire soundtrack, with sparse percussion in the form of triangle, cowbell, and other obscure instruments. There is also prominent use of echo and stereo panning, especially in “What was, it is. What is, it's not” (Track 3). Most of the tracks are slow paced, with many Latin rhythms incorporated via percussion and electric bass. The result is a soundtrack that consists of soft rock combined with elements of samba, salsa and tango. The track titles mostly consist of explicitly sensual references (“Please me, Please, Please”), hinting at the many love scenes throughout.

Unfortunately, most of the pieces presented here seem to drag.  There are; however, a couple of upbeat tracks like Malibu Dope (4), which that features some interesting stomping, clapping and finger-snapping. I'm not sure if they were sampled or recorded, but that addition did make things quite lively. Track 7, “To Ryder, With Love”, was very sparse except for a rock-out swell, which gradually dies down to the quiet track it started as. “A Rose In All Things Beautiful” (11) is the only sentimental track here which has a sense of longing in it, with the melodic theme being played by the piano. Track 13, “Toupee Tango” was anything but tango; it had more of an old Western flair to it. “Hawaiian Dissonance” (13), certainly did have some dissonance in it, but it certainly wasn't jarring. The progression is stale, but the juxtaposition of a clean electric sound, piano, and a fully distorted electric guitar mix in lo-fi, rocking out was certainly an interesting listen. The last track, entitled “Love is Love is Love”, is a longer, more fleshed out reprise of Track 2, “Nothing But A Broken Heart”. It incorporates a string orchestra in its final moments, which makes for a more elegant version.

If anything, the slow pacing found in most of the tracks serve to give a relaxing, yet suspenseful mood. But make no mistake about it, there's definitely nothing revolutionary about this score. I'd say this is one of CHRISTOPHER YOUNG's weaker works, but not necessarily his own fault, as the film itself (or maybe even the screenplay) didn't give him much to work with. 

The Bottom Line: Only die-hard fans of the movie will really find this a keeper. The only interesting mentions are the use of eclectically obscure percussion and guitar/bass effects, but even that was overshadowed by the slow pace of the score that sadly features little individuality between tracks. Listeners hoping for more serious orchestration will be disappointed.

NOTE: There is also compilation soundtrack out for THE INFORMERS that includes the vocal songs done by various other artists, which consists of eleven tracks, the last one being the end credits song.

Rating: 5/10

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Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 The Informers 2:45  ***
2 Nothing But a Broken Heart 1:58  ***
3 What was, it is.  What is, it's not 4:18  ****
4 Please me, Please, Please 2:45  **
5 No Wicked Way 2:57  **
6 Malibu Dope 3:53  ****
7 To Ryder, With Love 3:55  **
8 Wrecked By Money 2:51  ***
9 Is She Really? 3:10  ****
10 Sex Whenever 2:40  *
11 A Rose In All Things Beautiful 1:37  ****
12 Dysfunctional Everything 3:10  **
13 Toupee Tango 2:19  **
14 Hawaiian Dissonance 3:14  ***
15 Love is Love is Love 6:44  ***
  Total Running Time (approx) 48 minutes  




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