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Journey of Man (Soundtrack) by Benoit Jutras

Tracksounds Rating = 8/10

Journey of Man (Soundtrack) by Benoit Jutras

Composed by Benoit Jutras
Produced by Benoit Jutras and Rob Heaney
Released by Sony Classical Records, April 2000

Track Title Time Rating The Journey Benoit Jutras
by Christopher Coleman

For 15 years, Cirque du Soleil has been stunning audiences ‘round the world with its colorful make-up, and costumes, and their flashy dance and stunts.  Cirque du Soleil performances and productions capture the mind and imagination of its audiences the way Disney used to decades ago.  While the accompanying music for many of their shows have been released on various CDs, few have gotten a great deal of press or praise in the film music community.

Journey of Man is a large format 3D/2D film that has already proven a hit in Europe and starting May 2, 2000 will hit select theatres across the United States.  The soundtrack was released prior to the film’s release.  The title of this latest Cirque du Soleil production tells it all.  The film tells the story of man from the creation of the universe, the birth of man, to his maturing and continual discovery.  Of course, it is done in fantastic fashion that only Cirque du Soleil could produce.

Composer Benoit Jutras has had is hand in just about every musical release of Cirque du Soleil.  Some of his most popular have been Quidam, and “O.”   Benoit has put together an eclectic score that features contemporary pop and jazz arrangements to gorgeous orchestral compositions.  The total package, kindly brought to us by Sony Classical, is an unforgettable one.  The track ordering must have been difficult do to the wide variety of styles included, but the producers have succeeded in providing an embraceable, flowing listen. Likewise, it is an experience that can be enjoyed repeatedly.

The CD is launched by a vocal version of the title song as performed by Roxane Potvin.  We are introduced to Journey of Man’s main theme here and will find it reprised often throughout the twelve track CD.  There are a number of other tracks that add their own bit of pop-spice to the soundtrack. Tracks such as Taiko (traditional adapted by Pierre Dube), The Forest, and Banquine,  provide an exotic musical experience that draws from what seems like a half-dozen different ethnic influences.  Combining that international mix with contemporary synthesizers and rhythms and one has a perfect musical match for a Cirque du Soleil production.

As enjoyable as these tracks are, the orchestral pieces are what really makes this soundtrack soar.  Benoit Jutras truly displays an ability to capture that elusive emotional state of being through music that the upper echelon of classical or film music composers seem to have a knack for.  Occasionally adding a modern edge to his full orchestral tracks, Benoit blesses one's musical palette with uplifting pieces such as Birth,  In the Beginning and Flying  These tracks, alone, make this CD worth getting one's mits on.

As Cirque Du Soleil continues to "wow" audiences around the globe, composer Benoit Jutras continues to push his name to the forefront of music appreciators' collective memory.  Journey of Man certainly will make his name more recognizable among the film music fan base.  With a style and flare all his own, but with quality shared by a select few, Benoit's work here dazzles and is one any film music fan should not skip.

1 Journey of Man (Roxane Potvin) 3:46 ****
2 Overture 1:01 ****
3 Taiko 1:41 ***
4 Birth 4:14 *****
5 The Forest 3:41 ****
6 In the Beginning 5:03 *****
7 Youth 4:50 ****
8 Flying 1:41 *****
9 Reveil 7:19 ***
10 Banquine 5:05 ****
11 Journey of Man (inst.) 5:02 *****
12 Trip Hop 2:59 ****
  Total Playing Time 46.15    



 Originality 10  

Music Selection


Themes/ Composition


CD Length


Track Order




Final Score

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JOURNEY OF MAN is a musical travelogue. A celebration of music with diversity of styles supported by a gorgeous theme and a panoply of uplifting sounds and motifs that truly glorify the human spirit. JOURNEY OF MAN is an exceptionally rich and lyrical tapestry from Benoît Jutras, a composer whose future merits watching. An essential disc in anyone's musical collection! **** 1/2

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Journey of Man (Soundtrack) by Benoit Jutras


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Journey of Man (Soundtrack) by Benoit Jutras


All artwork from Journey of Man is exclusive property of Sony Classical Records (c) 2000.  Its appearance is for informational purposes only.


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