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The Last Mimzy by Howard Shore

The Last Mimzy

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The Last Mimzy (Soundtrack) by Howard Shore

The Last Mimzy
Composed by Howard Shore
New Line Records (2007)

Rating: 4/10

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Listen to this soundclip of The Last MimzyThe Mandala (356 kb)

Listen to this soundclip of The Last MimzyWhibley Island (449 kb)

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Soundtrack Review

“Howard Shore's score does little to lift the levels of emotion in the film or become some saving grace for the project.”

Flimsy Mimzy
Review by Christopher Coleman

Rhiannon Leigh Wryn as Emma Wilder in The Last MimzyRobert (Bob) Shaye may be more recognizable as the studio executive who was smart enough to back Peter Jackson's LORD OF THE RINGS film trilogy. Then again he might be more recognized for his current legal battles with Jackson over monies elegedy due to the director. Or he might be known now for holding up THE HOBBIT...or at least a proper Hobbit to be done by Peter Jackson and crew. Almost anyway one looks at it, Bob Shaye's name is forever tied to Peter Jackson. Beyond his dealing with Jackson, Bob Shaye has been busy - busy with a new film that he is helming as director. What better way to help dilute any notoriety than to direct a picture - hopefully a successful one.

Bob Shaye's most recent venture is a film that has been sitting on his studio's back-burners for the better part of 10 years. It's a story that he read many years ago and desired to turn into a feature film, but the story just wouldn't lend itself to a satisfying, hollywood-conclusion. After several iterations by several different writers, THE LAST MIMZY finally made it to the big screen in 2007.

This family-centric film focuses on two children who come across a special box of toys and are changed (or are able to discover) incredible abilities within themselves. The two become a part of a millenia-old project spanning both the vastness of space and extraterrestial life to a warm and cuddly bunny. Save the the universe.

Having seen and heard, first-hand, the musical magic created for THE LORD OF THE RINGS, Bob Shaye selected composer HOWARD SHORE to provide the score for THE LAST MIMZY. Unfortunately, THE LAST MIMZY is a much more straightforward sort of film that apparently only required a few basic themes and subtle underscore. within the film itself, Shore's music barely registers with the viewer and when it does, it is always one of his two main themes that get the attention.

One can hear vestiges of the style and technique applied to THE LORD OF THE RINGS or more recently A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE or SOUL OF THE ULTIMATE NATION, but both of the two main themes fall short of just about anything from those two efforts in comparison. The theme of Mimzy is introduced in track 1, "Mandala" and it, along with the theme representing the two children (first heard in Whidbey Island (2)) are used quite often through the first 2/3s of the film and subsequently released soundtrack. As the movie progresses there is naturally a building of tension and is of course reflected in Shore's score. While I'd be hesitant to call this a "bad" score, I would call it a "boring" one. Granted, family-films are have not really been Howard Shores milieu, but the music just doesn't have the emotional bite that one would expect and hope for from Howard Shore.

The general premise of THE LAST MIMZY actually held a lot of promise. It's not hard to see where director Shaye wanted to go with it. Sadly, in the end, the film comes off rather flimsy. Further, Howard Shore's score does little to lift the levels of emotion in the film or become some saving grace for the project. It's almost impossible not to wonder what a Steven Spielberg would have done with a film like this (particularly in the 70s or 80s). And naturally we would then further wonder what a John Williams would have done with it in that very same era. Of course it is unfair to compare all of his subsquent efforts to his great Tolkien/Jackson Opus of the early 2000s, but Howard Shore, like Williams, did decades ago, has now set a new bar of expectation for every project his name is attached to. Perhaps better things are in store as Shore reunites with director David Cronenberg for EASTERN PROMISES (2007).

Rating: 4/10

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Track Listing and Ratings


Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 The Mandala 1:37  ***
2 Whidbey Island 3:21  ***
3 Under the Bed 2:46  **
4 Cuddle 1:27  **
5 Beach 1:59  **
6 Scribbles 2:38  **
7 Blackout 3:16  **
8 Palm Readings 4:12  **
9 I Love the Word 0:52  **
10 Help! 1:20  **
11 I Have to Look 4:09  **
12 Can I Talk? 5:25  **
13 Eyes 2:15  **
14 The Tear 4:07  **
15 Through the Looking Glass 5:02  **
16 Hello - I Love You (Roger Waters) 6:16  ***
  Total Running Time (approx) 44 minutes  




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