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Lexx (Soundtrack) by Marty Simon

Lexx Sells
Review by Christopher Coleman

Composed, Arranged and Produced by Marty Simon
Album Producer (GNP Crescendo) Ford A. Thaxton
Performed by Bill Beaudoin (electric guitar); Suzie Vinnick (lead singer), 
Cam Hawkins, Marty Simon, Stan Messner (additional singers)
Released by GNP Crescendo Records  February 16, 2001

Lexx (Soundtrack) by Marty Simon

Lexx (Soundtrack) by Marty Simon


Originality 4
Music Selection 3
Composition 3
CD Length 7
Track Order 5
Performance 4
Final Score 4/10

Following the recent releases of Farscape (seasons 1 and 2) and Robocop: Prime Directives, GNP Crescendo Records rounds out their trifecta of Sci-Fi music, with Lexx, another Sci-Fi Channel exclusive television series.  

Lexx is, by no means, your stereo-typical sci-fi series.  From what I've read and what I've heard on this CD, Lexx doesn't take itself too seriously.  While other series try to position themselves, through "serious" or mind-bending plots, to scoop up the shrinking number of TV-Trek fans, Lexx doesn't even bother to try.  This series is aimed at a different market.  Instead of going for the brains of its viewership, Lexx aims just a skosh lower.

For this risqué romp through space, a "serious" score would certainly be out of place and so a more contemporary  and, at times, almost "club" style of music is provided by composer Marty Simon.  Marty Simon might not be too familiar to you, but has been in the music industry for some twenty five years, has played with musicians such as Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix, and has written or co-written music for the likes of Celine Dion and Wilson Pickett.

Simon's score is comprised of layer upon layer of synthesized instruments: strings, flutes, percussions, and drum loops primarily.  Occasionally, Simon adds a bit of wordless chorus or choral accents, which, from a musical-perspective, is probably the most likeable element of this score.  The music for Lexx has a new-age feel, at times, and an ambient or trance edge, at others.  Still, in select moments, there is a distinctly R&B feel to the music such as in Seduction (7).  Surprisingly, the Opening Theme for Season 2 Version 1 (10) - comes frightfully close to a piece that one might mistake for a serious sci-fi show's theme. While the show is recognized for its visual content, Marty Simon's work has not gone completely unnoticed as it was nominated for a Gemini Award in 1998.

Interspersed throughout this soundtrack are dialogue tracks, which, for the Lexx fan, might prove appealing, but, as dialogue tracks sometimes do, will be distracting especially if you are not very familiar with the characters and storyline of the series.

GNP Crescendo has released a healthy serving of this score at almost 68 minutes and the label should be applauded for delivering so many soundtrack releases from the sci-fi genres of television and feature film.  The shame is that the industry seems to be running out of ideas for engaging sci-fi premises and/or episodes and appears to be giving up on even attempting to.

Lexx isn't, and doesn't to portray itself as, serious sci-fi, which I commend the producers for, and the music parallels that attitude completely.   This series has not been crafted for the hardcore sci-fi fan, but maybe for  a "hardcore" audience of another sort.  That being said, the devoted fans of this series will likely find Simon's score appealing on a very primal level.  I'm not sure how Lexx memorabilia is doing on ebay, but it is my guess that Lexx sells and sells well.


Track Listing and Ratings

 Track  Title  Time


1 Opening Theme - Season 3 1:04  *
2 790 Quote (from "Brizon") * 0:17  
3 Prince to Lexx (from Fire and Water") 2:21  **
4 All He Wants is Sex (from Stan's Trial") * 2:38  
5 Angel Song (from "Nook") 1:39  ***
6 A Walk in the Desert (from "Battle") 4:16  **
7 Seduction (from "Love Grows"} 0:57  ***
8 Wild, Wild Lexx 3:43  **
9 Gallery (from "Love Grows") 2:42  *
10 Opening Theme Season 2 - Ver. 1 1:03  **
11 Holograms (from "Loveliner") 2:54  **
12 The Search (from "Girltown") 3:10  **
13 Xey's Dream (from "The Web/The Net") 4:14  **
14 Garden (from "Garden"} 6:36  ***
15 Lexx Hungry (from "Fire and Water"}* 2:16  
16 Into the Garden (from "Garden"} 1:36  **
17 Lyekka/ Potato Hoe (from "Lyekka") 4:58  **
18 Gondola Ride (from "May") 4:47  *
19 Mantrid Medley (from "Mantrid") * 3:49  
20 Prince Theme (Season Three Reprise) 2:01  **
21 Medieval DAnce (from "Nook") 1:38  **
22 Girl Awakes/ Norb Launch (from "791/Norb") 1:49  **
23 The Xev Show (from "Lafftrack") 0:34  
24 Demented Chase (from "Lafftrack") 2:29  **
25 Yo-A-O/ I'm Leaving (from "Terminal") 1:07  **
26 Zev Dies (from "Terminal") 2:22  ***
27 Final Scene 1:42  **
28 Opening Theme Session 2 - Ver. 2 1:25  **

Total Running Time


* Dialogue

Referrenced Reviews

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Quick Quotes

"For the same reason that many Star Trek lovers don't understand or appreciate the Lexx series, traditional film music collectors won't understand or appreciate the music for Lexx. Therefore, I wouldn't recommend this album to the mass of mainstream film score collectors. I don't normally recommend any such albums to those score collectors, simply because their electronically low-budget atmosphere tends to irritate too many of them (with Christopher Franke remaining one of the only exceptions). The lyrical and harmonic aspects of this music, while placing it above many others, still doesn't establish much of a base motif or theme to work by... other than the occasional references to the Vaiyo A-O song heard at the outset."  **

Christian Clemmensen - Filmtracks

Marty Simon
Marty Simon






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