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One for the Money by Deborah Lurie

One for the Money

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One for the Money (Soundtrack) by Deborah Lurie
One for the Money (Soundtrack) by Deborah Lurie
One for the Money (Poster and Memorabilia)










One for the Money (Soundtrack) by Deborah Lurie

One for the Money
Composed by Deborah Lurie
Lakeshore Records (2012)

Rating: 5/10

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“ONE FOR THE MONEY as a whole is considerably less than the sum of its parts, due to the redundancy of its over-long representation on album.”

One for the Paycheck
Review by Edmund Meinerts


Based on a best-selling novel of the same name, ONE FOR THE MONEY stars Katherine Heigl in an action-comedy about an out-of-work woman who finds herself chasing after a murder suspect in hopes of collecting the bounty. Unsurprisingly, that suspect happens to be a former flame of hers, and wacky hijinks, no doubt, ensue. Reviews have been unanimously scathing, with a staggering 2% at Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing. Up-and-coming composer DEBORAH LURIE was well-positioned to handle this assignment; the DANNY ELFMAN orchestrator also has considerable experience arranging for various pop and rock artists over the last decade, spilling over into the scores for a number of recent “chick flicks” such as DEAR JOHN. No doubt a similar perky, contemporary flavor was requested of LURIE for ONE FOR THE MONEY, and that sound is precisely what she delivers.

The usual soundtrack format for films such as this is a collection of chart-topping tunes and perhaps a four-minute score suite at the end. Only five such disposable pop songs appear in ONE FOR THE MONEY, however, followed by a surprisingly generous 44-minute presentation of LURIE’s music. The ingredients for her score include electric guitars and bass, a Hammond organ, a drum kit and a few assorted synthetic effects – and little else. There is no orchestral contribution whatsoever, not even a piano, so listeners hoping for an extension of the rather impressive music LURIE composed for the animated film 9 will be disappointed (though they probably should never have hoped for that sound in this particular film). Inevitably, this score’s rather limited palette causes pretty much every cue to be extremely similar in approach. There is no narrative flow or thematic development whatsoever, and if one were to randomly shuffle the tracklist’s order, it probably wouldn’t change the listening experience a whole lot.

A handful of cues do have slight differences worth mentioning. Some unique, bell-like synthetic effects populate “One More Dead” (8). The pace of the normally laid-back drum kit picks up somewhat for the “action sequences”, such as “Gym Shooting” (9) and the second halves of “Gruesome Discoveries” (23) and “Jimmy Alpha” (24). “Dinner and a Sleepless Night” (19) features a quiet interlude for only the guitars and bass, while some echoing background effects and hazy guitar lend a feeling of unease to “Finding Flatnose” (20) and “Steph Tails the Truck (21). Even so, these are only small differences within a firmly established template.

Certainly, LURIE earned her paycheck here – a fact that ironically reflects the film’s title. She delivered a score that fits the movie’s needs, under a no doubt limited budget. That score, however, simply doesn’t transfer to album very well. It is pure wallpaper, with each and every cue being inoffensive and interchangeable. If nothing else, the listening experience is extremely smooth in its consistency, with no jarring cues to break the flow – but neither is there any one moment that stands above the others as a highlight. In the end, ONE FOR THE MONEY as a whole is considerably less than the sum of its parts, due to the redundancy of its over-long representation on album. To have such a generous amount of score released is great in principle, but one wonders whether this particular score is the one that merited it the most.


Rating: 5/10


Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 Brighter Than the Sun (Colbie Caillat) 3:51  N/A
2 Love Gun (Vanessa Bryan and Mista Youngblood) 3:23  N/A
3 I Got You (Kristina and the Dolls) 3:18  N/A
4 Surrender (Amy Loftis) 3:15  N/A
5 Hit Me with Your Best Shot (Deliah Bright) 3:08  N/A
6 Flatnose 2;15  ***
7 Following Mooch 2:05  ***
8 One More Dead 1:36  ***
9 Gym Shooting 0:50  ***
10 Morelli Steals the Keys 2:10  ***
11 Rex Going Nowhere 1:54  ***
12 Bullets and Butt Fat 3:04  ***
13 Payback Time 2:04  ***
14 Morelli's Apartment/ Porch Chat 1:41  ***
15 Mr. Earling 1:20  ***
16 Snagging the Master Fuse 1:19  ***
17 Morty Byers is Back 1:54  ***
18 Handcuffed in the Shower 2:09  ***
19 Dinner and a Sleepless Night 3:57  ***
20 Finding Flatnose 3:04  ***
21 Steph Tails the Truck 2:17  ***
22 Big Blue 1L53  ***
23 Gruesome Discoveries 2:20  ***
24 Jimmy Alpha 2:19  ***
25 Vinnie Pays 1:18  ***
26 To the Dock 2:24  ***
  Total Running Time (approx) 60 minutes  


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