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Passion of Mind (Soundtrack) by Randy Edelman

The Passion is Back
Review by Christopher Coleman

Composed and Performed by Randy Edelman
Produced by Alan Howarth
Additional performances by Pamela Smith and Tommy Wallace
Released by Silva Screen Records- June 2000

Passion of Mind  (Soundtrack)  by Randy Edelman

Passion of Mind

Passion of Mind (Soundtrack) by Randy Edelman


Originality 7
Music Selection 8
Composition 8
CD Length 7
Track Order 7
Performance 7
Final Score 7/10

A handful of years back, composer Randy Edelman was making a name for himself with his beautiful melodies found in scores such as Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Gettysburg and Dragonheart.  However, for some, his consistent use of synthesizers has proven unshakingly annoying.  Still, his passionate themes remained admirable.  It has been a long and sometimes disappointing wait for Edelman to develop a score that approached the beauty of the past.  Finally, with his latest effort, Passion of Mind, those patiently waiting for such a score have been rewarded. Randy Edelman returns to the simple yet poignant style of melody that set Dragon and Dragonheart apart as two of his most beloved works.

In the opening track, he develops the main theme only after a few awkwardly dark and mysterious moments.  As soon as the synthesized strings begin their swell, it is quite apparent that this is an Edelman composition.  Not long after, the piano leads us into his main theme, which is tweakeds and reprised all throughout this Milan release.  For Passion of Mind, Edelman relies heavily upon the piano, as is the case with many of his best scores.  Somewhat surprisingly, even for the darker elements of this score, Edelman employs the piano.  In so doing, he creates an atmosphere and theme similar to an earlier 2000 release, The Skulls.

Randy Edelman does not go the route that likely tempted him.  With the double life of the story's central character it would be easy to develop two distinctive themes representing each of these lives, but, as quoted below, Edelman wisely elects to blur the lines between the two lives lead by actress Demi Moore.  While this choice certainly serves to enhance the telling of the story, it also helps to make the soundtrack more listenable.  Instead of two contrasting themes or styles, one overall tone is set for the score making the transition from track to track very smooth.

Passion of Mind is not just one long love theme.  There are light jazz diversions such as 40 Central Park South (4)  and Marty and Aaron (10) which border Christopher Young's contemporary style of In Too Deep.  Further, a plucky, lighthearted break is also provided by track 7, Snapshots.

Track for track, Passion of Mind is an overall more enjoyable score than even Dragon or Dragonheart proved to be.  This is due, in large part, to the fact that one does not have to put up with the action/suspense sequences that, at least somewhat, detracted from the two earlier releases.  While Passion of Mind's main theme is not quite as exhilarating as either of these others, it is easily his best since.  Hopefully, Edelman will garner more attention when directors and producers are deciding whom to team up with for telling their dramatic stories.  Through each track of his latest effort, composer Randy Edelman has given them eighteen more reasons why he should be considered for such projects.

From the Liner Notes

"On my first viewing of  Passion of  Mind, I missed an important element in thinking about the musicality of what would support this complex and sensitive story.  After repeated screenings, I discovered that the composer should not fall into the trap of trying to delineate the musical themes in the central character's (Demi Moore) dual life.  The fact is that her passion was equal in both worlds, not only in her romantic laisons, but also in her life as a book purblisher in an urban setting, and that of a devoted mother in the French countryside.  In a way, the composer could hellp the sotry by not letting the viewer know which was the real a sense, adding a confusion that, to me, makes the film itself more intriguing.  Randy Edelman

Track Listing and Ratings

 Track  Title  Time


1 Main Title 3:26  ****
2 A Mother's Lullaby 2:58  ****
3 Guitarelle 2:13  ****
4 40 Central Park South 2:19  ***
5 A Manhattan Farewell 4:02  ****
6 Waking Alone 2:45  ****
7 Snapshots 1:06  ***
8 A City View 1:38  ***
9 Down River 1:33  ***
10 Marty and Aaron 2:29  ***
11 Reverie 3:40  ***
12 Chance Meeting at the Marketplace 2:03  ***
13 Sailing on the Handson 2:05  ***
14 Arriving at the Truth 2:54  ***
15 Offering 1:22  ***
16 Passion of Mind Sound Clip 1:20  ****
17 Bedtime 2:47  ***
18 Psychescape 2:50  ***

Total Running Time


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Quick Quotes

While Edelman is a fine composer and musician, his scores frequently outlive the films which he works on. With Passion of Mind, the composer takes the dramatic license to the best and most emotional degree with a constant and bittersweet theme. ****

Vance Brawley - Scorelogue

Randy Edelman
Randy Edelman


Passion of Mind  (Soundtrack)  by Randy Edelman





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