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Prime Time (Soundtrack) from Sonic Images


Sample This!
Review by Christopher Coleman

Composed  by John Von Tongeren, Christopher Franke, Teal Thompson,
Jay Gruska, Mark Isham, Jeff Rona, Basil Poledouris, Charles Fox, 
Evan H. Chen, Seven M. Stern, James Newton Howard, Steve Porcaro, 
Micky Erbe & Maribeth Solomon
Complied by Nikolia Ugrinsky
Released by Sonic Images Records -  August  2000

Prime Time

Prime Time (Soundtrack) from Sonic Images

Prime Time (Soundtrack) from Sonic Images


Originality 8
Music Selection 8
Composition 8
CD Length 8
Track Order 7
Performance 8
Final Score 8/10

The sound of television has come a long way from the static-laden, monophonic broadcasts of the 1950’s. It could be argued, that the music composed for our favorite television shows has kept pace with trends in popular music even moreso than within the feature film industry. 

Now, television programs, made-for-tv-films and even video games receive top quality scores- those which would have normally only been heard in big-budget films from Hollywood.  Weekly or even daily the television buff can be treated to the talents of the likes of  Jerry Goldsmith, Basil Poledouris, Jeff Rona,  Mark Isham and Christopher Franke and Mark Snow.

For years, composer Christopher Franke’s label, Sonic Images, has sought to bring high quality film and television recordings in eye-catching packaging:  Watch the Skies and the Snow Files among them.  One the labels most recent releases, Prime Time, can now be added to that list.

Prime Time offers an eclectic combination of music (all previously released) taken from many recent television series or mini-series.  From Basil Poledouris’ sweeping theme from Lonesome Dove, to the contemporary jazz vibe of Christopher Franke’s music for Raven to his grungy theme for Pacific Blue, one might think this an odd concoction, but the overall music experience works surprisingly well - as a diversion from the norm.  Prime Time makes for a very refreshing break from the more traditional soundtracks that film music fans can tend to gorge themselves on.

Prime Time contains selections from  some of televisions most popular series in recent years: Babylon 5, and Chicago Hope.  It also features the music from series that no longer find themselves on the airwaves: Crusade and The Sentinel.  In addition, this nearly one-hour long disc contains entertaining remixes from Outer Limits and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.  

To appease the more traditional orchestral palette the previously mentioned Lonesome Dove theme is joined by the Main Title Theme from Lois & Clark.  Both serve as orchestral islands in the middle of a techno sea.  While these tracks are enjoyable in their own right, this CD gets its punch from those tracks that comprise this synthetic-sea. 

Sonic Images, continues to produce high quality CD releases regarding sound, production, and packaging.  Prime Time is another example of this label's fine and many times unheralded work.   The music contained within this compilation is decidedly more edgy than many purist film music fans are going to embrace.  It is this fact, that actually makes Prime Time a great break from the ordinary and if one is inclined to such alternative stylings, a worthwhile investment.  

 Track Listing and Ratings

 Track  Title  Time


1 Outer Limits (Remix) - John Von Tongeren 3:33  ***
2 Pacific Blue (Main Theme- Just Another Day) - Christopher Franke 1:10  ***
3 As Good As She (The Sentinel) - Teal Thompson 3:42  ****
4 Raven Theme - Christopher Franke 1:15  ****
5 See the Light (Raven) - Christiopher Franke 3:31  ****
6 Techno Legacy (Poltergeist) - John Von Tongeren 3:35  ***
7 Lois & Clark (Extended Remix) - Jay Gruska 4:38  ****
8 Chicago Hope (Main Title 2nd Season) - Mark Isham 0:51  ****
9 New Hope (Chicago Hope) Jeff Rona 3:24  ****
10 Lois & Clark (Main Title) Jay Gruska 1:03  ***
11 Lonesome Dove (Main Title) - Basil Poledouris 5:15  *****
12 The Magic Wind (Conan) Charles Fox 2:37  ***
13 Crusade (Main Title) - Evan Chen 1:31  **
14 Babylon 5 (Main Title 2nd Season) - Christopher Franke 1:27  ***
15 Babylon 5 (Main Title 5th Season) - Christopher Franke 1:32  ***
16 Spirit Thief (Poltergeist- The Legacy) - Steven M. Stern 5:21  ***
17 The Sentinel (Theme) - James Newton Howard Sound Clip 0:38  ***
18 Bus Chase (The Sentinel) - Seve Porcaro 6:27  ***
19 Rest in Peace (Legacy II) - John Von Tongeren 2:38  ****
20 Clark in the Country (Lois & Clark) - Jay Gruska 1:41  ****
21 Volunteers/ End-Credits (Earth: Final Conflict) - Micky Erbe and Maribeth Solomon Sound Clip 1:52  *****

Total Running Time


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Quick Quotes

The album seems more aimed at the world music/easy listening/trippy sector than the film music base, the irony being that Lonesome Dove is liable to be skipped in favour of the other tracks. The selections are far too eclectic to please most people and frankly not interesting enough to interest many collectors. This is, to be fair, more of a sampler than a decently selected compilation. As such I can barely recommend the album at all and suggest that most people will know what they like and buy the full albums instead. **

Tom Daish - Soundtrack Express

In the meantime, the "Prime Time" sampler contains some good material --especially if you're a big fantasy TV show fan-- but the listening experience is disjointed as a whole. The album suffers from poor packaging and arrangement. It is very difficult to determine from the outside of the packaging what exactly is included on the album --there is no straight track listing with times provided. **

Christian Clemmensen - Filmtracks

Sonic Images Compilation

Sound clips

Track 17 - The Sentinel Sound Clip

Track 21 - Earth: Final Conflict Sound Clip

Prime Time

Prime Time (Soundtrack) from Sonic Images




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