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The 10th Kingdom by Anne Dudley

Composed, Conducted and 
Orchestrated by Anne Dudley
Orchestra Leader: Rolf Wilson
Executive Producer: Robert Townson
Released by Varese Sarabande April 2000


New York as the tenth kingdom of fairy tales?  Hmmm.  Maybe not as big of a stretch as we might initially think!  In any event, the Big Apple plays the central setting to this fantasy tale told in through several episodes which aired on NBC in early 2000.

Composer Anne Dudley continues to show her range in this romp back through some of our most beloved fairy tales.  Dudley delivers a quirky mix of passionate full orchestral bliss, sound effects, synthesizers, and contemporary rhythms.  This is pretty impressive stuff for a made-for-tv-film and a respectful-nod should be given to the film's producers and Dudley alike for not skimping on the music.  As mentioned the range of this score is wide.  There are ethereal, fairy-tale like tracks such as Addicted to Magic (4) and Kissing Town (15) and also humorous slap stick pieces like Six Glorious Wishes (3).



orchestra leader, Rolf Wilson's lead violin is clearly beautiful and helps separate each track he performs in from all of the rest.  Among them are The Days of Happy Ever After Are Gone (19) and Do Not Think, Become (22).

Somewhat surprisingly this soundtrack concludes with a contemporary pop song, "Wishing on a Star" admirably performed by Miriam Stockley..  While this tactic is no uncommon thing for feature film soundtracks, this marketing technique has not been seen too often for television epics. 


The Bottom Line
Fans of Anne Dudley, will certainly want to add this one to their collection.  While, as a whole, the score may not bowl one over, it certainly has enough poignant moments for the average film music fan to give it a listen.



Rating: 7/10



 Composition 7/10

 CD Length


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