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Joseph: King of Dreams by Danny Pelfrey

Composed and Conducted by Danny Pelfrey
Songs by John Bucchino
Songs Produced and Arranged by Danny Pelfrey
Promo- Release from Dreamworks Records Nov. 2000


Dreamworks Pictures first full-length animated film, The Prince of Egypt was truly a marvel in almost everyway- including the stellar work by composer Hans Zimmer and songwriter Stephen Schwartz.  When the announcement of a "prequel" of sorts, was made, I held high hopes that Zimmer and company would be returning.

Upon finding out that this would be direct-to-video release, that hope was dashed.  Instead of Zimmer and Schwartz, composer Danny Pelfrey and songwriter John Bucchino were enlisted to provide the music for the film.  Still, I had a measure of hopeful expectation.

Joseph: King of Dreams is an adaptation of the Old Testament story of one of Israel's most important characters: Joseph, one of the thirteen sons of the patriarch, Jacob.  As the Prince of Egypt told the story of a man in the who helped to liberate an entire nation, King of Dreams, tells the story of  the man who brought the seeds of that very same nation to Egypt, some 400 years earlier.


The music for Joseph: King of Dreams utilizes a few of the ingredients heard in The Prince of Egypt, most clearly, the Middle Eastern and North African influences; however this effort is more dependent upon synthesizers- which is no surprise given a comparatively limited budget.

The Bottom Line

This music has its moments, but like the video itself, does not come close to detail and multi-textured feel of The Prince of Egypt.  The score tends to truly suffer in the action sequences and the vocal songs are rather flat and uninspiring.  Where this album does work are in the softer moments, but even those prove thin compared to the Prince of Egypt.  There is nearly an hours worth of music released in this promotional disc and features an adequate recording.  If one is a serious collector of animated film music, then King of Dreams might interest you; however, if you are looking for an adequate follow up to The Prince of Egypt, this will prove disappointing.



Rating: 5/10



 Composition 5/10

 CD Length