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Robocop Prime Directives by Norman Orenstein

Composed and Conducted by Norman Orenstein
Produced by Norman Orenstein and Ford A. Thaxton
Executive Producer: Neil Norman
Released by GNP Crescendo January 16, 2001


The Cast-Iron Cop returns, not to the big screen this time, but to television, in the form of four seperate television movies.  As history has caught to the New Millennial premise of the original 1987 Robocop feature film,  instead of being armed with the considerable talents of Basil Poledouris, the producers have chosen a "newbie", to most of us, Norman Orenstein, as the score's composer.

Norman Orenstein is not the most familiar composer name around, but he has been involved within the industry for some twenty years and his composing credits include feature film scores, music for television series and commercials.

The music for these excerpts from the latest round of Robocop tales is, of course, highly dependent upon the synthesizer, as most music for television series and films seemed to be now.  It lacks any of the natural, orchestral elements at all compared Rosenman's work for Robocop 2 and Basil Poledouris' original score and for Robocop 3.  In fact, these selections make scant use of Poledouris decent original theme.  



Orenstein goes a completely different route. The most interesting element to this score is the main theme- as it features a lead trumpet that belts out strangely Spanish, fanfare, of all things!  While enterprising, it just doesn't seem to fit as a theme for a man/borg cop.

The Bottom Line

Robocop: Prime Directives is a great opportunity and somewhat ambitious effort for the new-face, Norman Orentstein.  While it doesn't compare with Poledouris' earlier work for the original film, it will give your sound system a "wholop!"

If your palette craves ominous and bombastic synths...and lots of them (some 73 minutes plus), then Robocop: Prime Directives won't disappoint you.  As for the more traditional film music buff, you bes' not mess with this Cop.



Rating: 4/10



 Composition 2/10

 CD Length

7/10   |