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Volume 01
November/ December 2001



Armageddon by Trevor Rabin

Running Time: 50:11


 Audio Clips

Available at

Armageddon by Trevor Rabin
Impressions by Christopher Coleman

Composed by Trevor Rabin, John Powell, Harry Gregson-Williams
Orchestrated by Trevor Rabin, Bruce Fowler, Gordon Goodwin
Conducted by Gordon Goodwin
Produced by Paul Linford, Steve Kempster
Released by Columbia, November 10, 1998

Armageddon has been touted as one of the flopbusters of the Summer of '98.  Quite often I agree with such judgments, but not in the case of Armageddon.  I enjoyed both the film and the score a great deal.  Sure the movie was the ultimate "Guy-film," but  it was a blast of a movie and had a great time watching it...much more than the please-take-me-seriously-film, Deep Impact.  Trevor Rabin had not previously rated high on my list of composers, but Armageddon changes all of this.  My first few listens caused me to fall in love with the score.  It has played over and over in my car, computer, and home stereo system.  Some have remarked that Rabin's co-composer H. G. Williams' contributions have been curiously left off this release.  At least for now, what we do have is quite satisfactory. 

Rating: 8/10

Armageddon by Trevor Rabin available at



The Avengers by Joel McNeely

Running Time: 59:26

 Audio Clips


The Avengers by Joel McNeeley
Impressions by Christopher Coleman

Composed, Conducted, and Produced by Joel McNeely
Orchestrated by David Slonaker, Joel McNeely, Jeff Atmajian
Released by Compass III Records, November 10, 1998

Upon first listen, track one, Main Title,  is marginally engaging as the classic theme from the Avengers plays over subtle drum loops and sneaky strings.  Regrettably, the majority of the score fails to live up to expectations.  With a blend of synthesized cantancorings, eruptions of  the Avenger-theme, and Goldsmith-like, bold, orchestral accents, the music is hard to apprehend.

This soundtrack has gone out of print, so getting your hands on one may be difficult. 

Rating: 6/10

 Check for used copies at Second Spin



Enemy of the State by Trevor Rabin

Running Time: 54:04


 Audio Clips

Available at

Enemy of the State by Trevor Rabin
Impressions by Christopher Coleman

Composed by Trevor Rabin, Harry Gregson-Williams, Tim Heintz
Conducted by Gordon Goodwin
Orchestrated by Bruce Fowler, Gordon Goodwin
Produced by Paul Linford, Trevor Rabin, Harry Gregson-Williams
Released by Hollywood Records, November 1998

With the release of the excellent Armageddon score, I had high hopes for Trevor Rabin's latest.  Having Harry Gregson-Williams as a co-composer only added to my expectations.  Alas!  I have rarely been so let down by a score.  This hodge-podge of electronic murmers and explosions is almost impossible to listen to.  The opening track almost convinced me to eject the CD right out of my computer!  So how I gave it a second chance and continued to listen.  Tracks 2 and 3 were a bit better giving me at least some thematic material to cling to; however they seem to be the only bright spots.  My gut reaction to this score is... gut wrenching!

Rating: 5/10


Enemy of the State by Trevor Rabin available at


Pleasantville by Randy Newman

Running Time: 31:08

Audio Clips

Available at


Pleasantville by Randy Newman
Impressions by Christopher Coleman

Composed, Conducted, and Produced by Randy Newman
Orchestrated by Don Davis, Randy Newman
Produced by Bruno Coon
Released by Varèse Sarabande November 17, 1998

Randy Newman’s release for the philosophical film, Pleasantville comes just before the release of his latest score for the Pixar-flick, A Bugs Life. In Pleasantville, Randy Newman continues his wonderful Americana-style, as he does for A Bugs Life. Here, Newman brings together several flavors. He touches on the sophisticated, big band/ jazz of the fifties on which the Pleasantville main theme is built. The score ends with an upbeat, slightly Latin tune entitled "Let’s Go Bowling." In between are some great pieces of traditional score material.


Rating: 7/10

This soundtrack and more available at



The Prince of Egypt by Hans Zimmer

Running Time: 72:50

Audio Clips

Available at

The Prince of Egypt by Hans Zimmer
Impressions by Christopher Coleman

Composed by Hans Zimmer and Stephen Schwartz
Produced by Hans Zimmer, Adam Smalley
Orchestrated by Yvonne S. Moriarty, Bruce L. Fowler
Conducted by Gavin Greenaway, Harry Gregson-Williams
Released by Dreamworks Records, November 17th, 1998

Zimmer has produced one of his best all-round scores in years with The Prince of Egypt!  Not since possibly the Lion King, has Zimmer brought so much character through his music.  After the yawner, As Good As It Gets, and the patented stylings of the Peacemaker, I was ready for something like this.  I couldn't have asked for more.  Every score track is wonderful and the vocal tracks are not bad either.  As usual, I was upset that there were pop tracks included, but after listening to the whole CD a few times, I find that they flow rather nicely and are placed in an acceptable order.

Rating: 9/10

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 This soundtrack and more available at




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