Rio Lobo (Soundtrack) by Jerry Goldsmith



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Rio Lobo (Soundtrack) by Jerry Goldsmith

Stereo Y Mono
Review by Christopher Coleman


Rio Lobo (Soundtrack) by Jerry Goldsmith

Rio Lobo

Rio Lobo (Soundtrack) by Jerry Goldsmith




Originality 8
Music Selection 7
Composition 7
CD Length 7
Track Order 8
Performance 7
Final Score 7/10


Real Audio Clips


Track 9 - Cordona's Capture



Jerry Goldsmith


Quick Quotes

"The music has compelling colour and vitality. It is strongly melodic and much of the score has striking Mexican/Latin rhythms. The music is original and inventive with Goldsmith’s complex yet transparent harmonies and imaginative orchestrations and a few telling uses of synth to impart a feeling of desert aridity." ****

Ian Lace - Film Music on the Web Reviews Rio Lobo



Composed, Conducted and Produced by Jerry Goldsmith
Orchestrations by Arthur Morton
Album Produced by Ford A. Thaxton, James Nelson
Executive Producer: Luc Van de Ven
Released by Prometheus Records July 2001

In 1964, Jerry Goldsmith helped to solidify himself as an A-List Hollywood composer with his score for the Western, Rio Conchos.   The Western was a genre Goldsmith became familiar with and proficient at scoring early in his career.  Efforts such as:  Gunsmoke, Black Saddle, and Wagon Train, from the world of television, and the feature film, Lonely are the Brave all preceded the eventual fan-favorite, Rio Conchos.  Even as the Western faded in popularity, in 1970, Goldsmith would still return to the genre for director Howard Hawks last film, Rio Lobo

In 2001, Prometheus Records continues to give film music collectors, Jerry Goldsmith score-collectors in particular, something to get excited about.  Following up the label's release of  earlier Goldsmith-compositions such as:  Policy Story, Contract on Cherry Street and The Challenge, Prometheus Records now delivers the composer's intriguing score for Rio Lobo.

Jerry Goldsmith's score for Rio Lobo is surprisingly diverse.  While featuring some of the main staples of music composed for Westerns of the 1960's, Goldsmith seems to refuse to allow Rio Lobo to be lumped into the same group as a Jerome Moross, Alfred Newman, or Elmer Bernstein Western score.  Among the common Western musical elements, Goldsmith does still utilize a heroic trumpet, lazy harmonica, the occasional burst determined brass, but most often a lonely Spanish-guitar.  The moment  one thinks they have a bead on Goldsmith's Rio Lobo score, he mixes in a surprise.  Sporting his daring composing style of the time, Goldsmith infuses doses of electronic instrumentation or jazzy interludes.  Still, before one has a chance to accept these alien components, Goldsmith turns sharply back into full-Western-orchestral-mode...and usually in a large and loud way. 

To make the listening experience more palatable, the tracks have been grouped into a two segments determined by their recording: stereo or mono.  Digging into his own personal archive, composer Jerry Goldsmith made masters available which ended up as the five stereo tracks presented at the onset of the CD .  The remainder of the CD's tracks (6 - 10) are in mono and are from the UCLA Music Library (see "From the Liner Notes below").  The total running time is roughly divided in half between stereo and mono recordings.  In the case of this release, this stereo/mono grouping works well as the brighter stereo tracks help grab the listener's attention more than a mono-track would.  By the time the mono tracks are playing, one is sufficiently "into" Goldsmith's diverse score, simply listening and waiting for what style or instrumentation Goldsmith will employ next.  This helps to minimize the effect of the switch from stereo to mono.

Jerry Goldsmith fans have reason to rejoice, as Prometheus Records continue to deliver collectible efforts like Rio Lobo.  Goldsmith's score, while not the type to knock one off of their feet, will undoubtedly keep one on their toes...from start to finish.   With extensive liner notes, including track by track analysis of the music, Prometheus provides plenty of reading material to digest while the soundtrack plays out its 44 minutes.

From the Liner Notes

"When Prometheus Records undertook to release the Jerry Goldsmith score to Rio Lobo, the first question to be asked was, "Do the tapes still exist?"' The only tapes that could be located were mono mixdowns that were stored at UCLA MUSIC LIBRARY Special Collections Dept.  under the care of Timothy Edwards, who provided us with copies of the complete score.  Fortunately Mr. Goldsmith informed me that he had some stereo masters in his personal collection and would make them available to us for the production of this album.  It became clear during the mastering phase that to mix the mono and stereo tracks would be distracting and sonically jarring, so I made the decision to present the music in two parts, first the stereo tracks and then the mono ones.  While this release might not be in film order as many of you might like, every attempt has been made to provide the best possible sounding recording that would show off the score in its best possible light.  - Ford A. Thaxton"

Track Listing and Ratings


Title Time


1 Captured 1:30  ****
2 New Arrival/ Unexpected Gun 3:03  ***
3 A Good Teacher/ Quiet Town/ Cantina 9:42  ***
4 Plans/ The Raid 7:01  ***
5 Scar/ Hang on a Minute/ Finale 5:37  ***
6 Main Title 2:16  ***
7 A Good Teacher (Complete) 6:00  ****
8 No Place to Go 1:14  ***
9 Cordona's Capture 0:42  ***
10 The Trade/ Retribution/ End Title 6:41  ****

Total Running Time


Rio Lobo (Soundtrack) by Jerry Goldsmith

*The Experience-O-Meter displays the track to track listening experience of this soundtrack based on the 5-Star rating given to each track.  It provides a visual depiction of the ebbs and flows of the CD's presentation of the soundtrack.


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