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Disasters! The Disaster Movie Music Album (Silva)

Tracksounds Rating = 8 / 10

Disasters! The Disaster Movie Music Album (Silva)

Conducted by Nic Raine & Paul Bateman
Performed by City of Prague Orchestra 
Released by Silva Records on November 1998

Track Title Time Rating A Good Disaster?
by Christopher Coleman

Once again Silva Screen Records has given trackies a worthwhile purchase opportunity.  Movie goers have been fascinated by the disaster genre almost from the beginning of movie making.  As with most successful movies the soundtrack cannot be forgotten in cementing the most terrifying scenes to the most tender into our psyches.  It only takes a few notes of the theme from any given disaster movie theme to bring back the images of a huge ocean liner being rolled over by a tidal wave or the innocent bovine being taken for a free ride in a cyclone.  Silva provides a great tribute  to some of the best (and a few of the worst) disaster movies to appear on the big screen.  Whether the movie was believable or not, entertaining or not, terrifying or not, the music that accompanied the images are many times poignant and timeless. 

The tracks are divided up neatly into disaster categories like: Earth, Wind, and fire; Nature Strikes Back; Although the music doesn't necessarily have any other common bond the flow of the tracks seems to work well with this categorizing.

There are several enjoyable tracks representing John Williams mid-seventies barrage of disaster movie scores including: The Towering Inferno, The Poseidon Adventure and Earthquake. Of these, I found the love theme from Earthquake the most enjoyable, as it starts out in a solo piano performance and then movies into a typical seventies-style jazz motif.

James Horner has two entries:  Titanic and Deep Impact.  With the onslaught of so many Titanic versions on the loose, including Silva's own tribute to Horner, I was almost disappointed to see it in the track listing; however, there is no denying the mass success of the film and score, so its inclusion is probably warranted.  This performance of Deep Impact is also found on Silva's Titanic: The Essential Film Music of James Horner.  It is a good rendition and provides a nice break from the more intense themes included on this CD.

Two selections from the work of Alan Silvestri:  The Abyss and Volcano find their way into this disaster mix.  I have always loved Silvestri's score to the Abyss and this performance is adequate truly accenting the choral section.  It's powerful presence is maintaned by the CPC and Crouch End Festival Chorus.  While The Abyss was one of the best movies released in 1994, Volcano was once of the worst of 1997.  Even though the score for the Abyss far outclasses Volcano's score, Volcano does provide some enjoyable moments...musically, that is.

I would consider this a must have for all of those disaster junkies!   There is a wonderful representation of music from Hollywood's top disaster movies and also some of Hollywoods most disasterous ones.


The Towering Inferno - Williams



Titanic- Take Her to Sea Mr. Murdoch - Horner



The Posiedon Adventure - Williams


4 The Abyss - Silvestri 5:11 ***

A Night to Remember - Alwyn



Raise the Titanic



Daylight- Laturo's Theme - Edelman


8 Twister - The Big Suck/ Oklahoma Wheatfield/ Futility - Macina



Earthquake - Williams



Dante's Peak



Volcano - March of the Lava/ Cleansing Rain - Silvestri

5:46 ****

The Swarm - Goldsmith


13 Deep Impact - Horner 4:22 **

The Hindenberg - Shire

3:32 ***
15 The High and the Mighty - Tiomkin 1:58 ***
16 Airplane - Bernstein 4:30 **
  Total PlayingTime 75:56    



Film Continuity n/a  
Originality 8  
CD Length 9  
Track Order 8  
Performance 8  
Final Score 9  

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I am looking for opinions on this album to publish here.  If you would like to contribute please e-mail me your thoughts.  Keep in mind I am limited on space here so I can't publish everyone's comments...but do send them!  Thanks!

Disasters! The Disaster Movie Music Album (Silva)

CD available through

Disasters! The Disaster Movie Music Album (Silva)

All artwork from The Avengers is exclusive property of Silva Records (c) 1998.  Its appearance is for imformational purposes only.


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