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Splash (Soundtrack) by Lee Holdridge

Tracksounds Rating = 8/10

Music From Lee Holdridge

Composed and Conducted by Lee Holdridge
Additional Orchestrations by Alf Clausen
Released by Super Tracks Records 1999

Track Title Time Rating A True Classic from the Eighties
by Christopher Coleman

It has been over a decade since I last watched the oh-so-young Tom Hanks and Darryl Hannah in Splash.  While much hoopla has surrounded the score for this film, quite frankly I had forgotten about it, not to say anything about the film’s score.  Popping this promotional CD into to laptop, provided one of the most pleasant surprises of this final year of the millennium. 

This score is just filled to overflowing with the lushest of strings and mellowing themes.  This CD release contains some 54 minutes of music.  The majority of the CD features Holdridge’s rich score.  The final five tracks are labeled “Bonus Tracks," and are filled with alternate or film versions of the main theme.

Aside from the unforgettably pretty main titles that begin the soundtrack, there are a good dozen that continue the high quality music.  Among the best are  Underwater - version 1 (track 2), Daydream (track 3), Late at Night (track 9), "I Love You" (track 11), Reunion (track 16), and Return Home (track 19).  Of course the theme reaches its majestic heights in the End Title (track 22).

Another wonderful change of pace is found at track 10, Watching TV, where we have a Christmas-esque solo guitar .  Rainy Night is one the most poignant pieces from the score and much superior to version 2 found in track 21.

Towards the end of the soundtrack we hear three alternate versions of the main theme.  First, the team of Lee Holdridge and Will Jennings (famed Horner lyrical-collaborator) give us a vocal version of the theme as sung by Rita Coolidge.  Later, track 25 features a somewhat lackluster solo saxophone rendition.  Lastly, track 26 features the awesome guitar talents from the leader of the jazz-fusion group, The Rippingtons, Lee Ritenour.  Unfortunately, this version doesn’t take advantage of all of the guitarist’s ability.

One of the most beautiful things about film music is that out of the depths of Hollywood’s vaults come gems like Splash.  Sure, it is over a decade and a half old, but the quality of the music by composer Lee Holdridge, is as satisfying as any new release of 2000.  This is one release that is sure to make all those who can get their hands on it happy.


From the Liner Notes:

The first time I ever saw the rough cut of Splash I knew it was a wonderful film.  I especially loved the performances of the leading players and the way they were so imaginatively directed.  The innocence and honesty with which the Mermaid invades New York captures Allen Bauer's heart led me to the love theme, stated simply by a piano solo and then built upon by the orchestra.  For the underwater music, I thought that simplicity and transparency would best capture the charm and safety of Madison's underwater world.  The escape and chase gave me a chance to explode with some orchestral fireworks, supported by a "hot" rhythm section as we roar through the streets of New York.  All in all, I took great pleasure in composing the score for this magical film.

Lee Holdridge (Composer)

1 Main Title 1:49 ****
2 First Meeting 1:31 ****
3 The Boat/Mermaid on the Beach 2:29 ***
4 Underwater - Version 1 1:27 ****
5 Underwater - Version 2 1:23 ***
6 Daydream 0:55 ****
7 Madison at Bloomingdale's 1:07 **
8 In the Bar 2:10 ***
9 Late at Night 2:33 ****
10 Watching TV 1:22 ***
11 "I Love You" 1:39 ****
12 Rainy Night 2:35 ****
13 All Wet 1:05 ***
14 Sneak Attack 1:00 ***
15 Raid on a Museum 0:41 **
16 Reunion 1:19 ****
17 Escape And Chase 2:53 ***
18 The Leap for Freedom 2:18 ***
19 Return Home 2:12 ****
20 "Love Came for Me" Rita Coolidge 4:28 **
21 End Title 3:02 *****
22 Rainy Night- Version 2 2:35 ***
23 Escape and Chase - Film Version 2:53 ***
24 The Leap for Freedom - Film Version 2:18 ***
25 "Love Came for Me" Solo Sax Version 2:34 ***
26 "Love Came for Me" Solo Guitar Version 2:34 ***
  Total Playing Time 54:55    




Music Selection


Themes/ Composition


CD Length


Track Order




Final Score


Other reviews:

I have to say, I was somewhat disappointed. While some of the romantic elements of the score are absolutely lovely, it has to be said that they are no more lovely than quite a lot of other composers active at the time (especially James Horner) would have written. And running against these are occasional jazz cues that sound like they've escaped from a cheesy Mike Post TV score of the period.

James Southall - Moviewave

Lee Holdridge

Splash (Soundtrack) by Lee Holdridge
To understand the music, you really have to appreciate the innocence and likability of the film. As a clever and well-directed film, Splash is among the best of the mid-1980s romance films. In response, Lee Holdridge --contrary to many film music followers' only experience with his music in the heavier drama genre of works-- wrote a joyful and equally likable score. So well is the match of film and score in this case, I can't imagine a serious film music enthusiast who doesn't appreciate the music, especially as heard with the story.

Christian Clemmensen - Filmtracks

Purchase this CD at

Music From Lee Holdridge

All artwork from Splash is exclusive property of Super Tracks Records (c) 1999.  Its appearance is for informational purposes only.


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