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St. George Shoots The Dragon by Aleksandar Randjelovic

St. George Shoots The Dragon

Buy online

Buy St. George Shoots the Dragon (Soundtrack) by Aleksandar Randjelovic at Keep Moving Records
St. George Shoots The Dragon (Poster and Memorabilia)


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St. George Shoots The Dragon (Soundtrack) by Aleksandar Randjelovic

St. George Shoots The Dragon
Composed by Aleksandar Randjelovic
Keep Moving Records (2009)

Rating: 6/10


“Despite offering so little to attract any listener, RANDJELOVIC has managed to create a definitive atmosphere and one that certainly matches the vision of DRAGOJEVIC.”

Dragojevic's Dragon
Review by Richard Buxton

One of the great fears of score collectors is the prospect of a beloved score never receiving a full release. While for the majority of Hollywood blockbusters this is not a problem, films that experience a more limited release combined with a language other than English face significant hurdles to see their scores released. So it comes with refreshing relief that KEEP MOVING RECORDS has taken the admirable step of releasing such scores to audiences, in this case the Serbian film ST. GEORGE SHOOTS THE DRAGON, directed by SRDAN DRAGOJEVIC. Rather than telling the mythical tale of the saint’s duel with the fire-breathing beast, ST. GEORGE SHOOTS THE DRAGON narrates the story of a small village amidst constant warfare between the years of the Balkan War and World War I.

What is most striking about Randjelovic’s score is the distinct lack of diversity heard throughout. This is exemplified right off the bat in “Opening Titles”, an entirely string based piece that introduces the mournful descending theme of the film. The desired effect of a largely somber tone is achieved, but this can’t hide the fact that this tone fails to evolve or change in any way for the entire duration of the score, even in the final track “Battle”, a score that has disturbingly little “battle” music to back up the title. If you find yourself skipping the first track, it is likely you will little that will hold your attention as you venture further into the soundtrack.

The descending theme heard in “Opening Titles” is hinted at throughout the running time, but never truly fleshes out. The echoes of the motif can be subtly heard in “Aunt”, while a more complete variation of the theme is heard in “Battle”.

Reviewing a score is made infinitely harder when defining moments in the music are so hard to come by. Tracks such as “Opening Titles”, “Saint George”, and “She Is Not Like You” could all be mistaken for the same track by a first-time listener such are their similarities. The timbre and dynamics of the score are unadventurous. It comes as an almighty shock when something ever so slightly different comes along. “What Is Your Name” offers one of the few optimistic harmonic progressions heard in the score and is a welcome relief after such monotony. The few other tracks that attempt to offer something a little different barely manage to do so and ultimately come across as afterthoughts. The rise of the choir in the closing moments of “Assassination” lacks anything resembling intensity and thus feels forced and unnecessary.

Despite offering so little to attract any listener, RANDJELOVIC has managed to create a definitive atmosphere and one that certainly matches the vision of DRAGOJEVIC. Despite this, the monotony truly becomes grating towards the end of the score in the likes of ”Funeral”, “George Is Going To War” and “Tasic” as the sparse strings, interrupted by bouts of silence, sum up the entire listening experience.

It is impossible to recommend this score to anyone other than those who fall in love with the sound upon listening to the first track. Those who do not can only expect endless repetition and a complete lack of desire heard within the compositions.

Rating: 6/10




Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 Opening Title 2:29  ****
2 Station 2:15  ***
3 Love Triangle 1:53  ***
4 The Ride 1:57  ***
5 What's Your Name 1:01  ***
6 Saint George 0:50  ***
7 Assassination 0:41  *
8 Rocking Horse 2:01  **
9 Hill 1:16  **
10 She is Not Like You 3:10  ***
11 They'll Kill My Children 1:50  ***
12 Gunfire 1:56  ***
13 Where is My Wife 1:39  **
14 Aunt 2:21  ***
15 The Fair 1:11  ***
16 Funeral 1:48  **
17 George is Going to War 3:09  ***
18 Tasic 2:22  ***
19 Dynamite 1:12  ***
20 Kids and Saint George 1:07  ***
21 Cripples on the Move 2:25  ***
22 Battle 4:08  ***
  Total Running Time (approx) 43 minutes  




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