The Tailor of Panama (Soundtrack) Shaun Davey



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The Tailor of Panama (Soundtrack) Shaun Davey

Bond, Bail Bond
Review by Christopher Coleman


The Tailor of Panama (Soundtrack) Shaun Davey

The Tailor of Panama

The Tailor of Panama (Soundtrack) Shaun Davey




Originality 9
Music Selection 8
Composition 8
CD Length 8
Track Order 8
Performance 8
Final Score 8/10


Real Audio Clips


Track16 - Harry's Confession/ End Credits/ Todavia Cantamos




Shaun Davey


Quick Quotes

"...the score for The Tailor of Panama has a little of everything, and yet stands together so well as a whole that you wish other scores could balance themselves with such success.." ****

Christian Clemmensen - Filmtracks Reviews The Tailor of Panama



Composed and Produced by Shaun Davey
Orchestrated by Nic Raine and Shaun Davey
Conducted by Fiachra Trench
Performed by the Irish Film Orchestra; Des Moore (Guitars), Noel Eccles (Percussions),
Rita Connolly (Vocals), Shaun Davey (Keyboards)
Orchestrations by Geoffrey Alexander and Jeff Atmajian
Executive Producer: Robert Townson
Released by Varese Sarabande Records - May 2001

What might happen if one Mr. James Bond were to get tired of playing by the international rules of espionage and by those of his Mother England?  What might happen if he grew old, cynical and concerned with only advancing his own personal causes?  In crafty film entitled The Tailor of Panama, that very scenario is brought to the screen...and without tarnishing ol' 007's spotless spy-career.

The film starring the present Bond, Pierce Brosnan, Geoffry Rush, Jamie Lee Curtis and Catherine McCormack, was taken from the master of spy novels, La Carre's 1996 book of the same title.   Seeking to score one more time, but for himself, Andy Osnard (Brosnan) comes across former British convict Harry Pendel (Geoffrey Rush), turned tailor (with a propensity to tell a tall-tale) to the rich and powerful of Panama.  The well cast film is a far cry from any of the Bond films and refreshingly so.  Instead of dependence on ultra-slick gadgets, guns, and getaways, The Tailor of Panama relies on subtler performances, wit, and even its unique score.

Brought on to score the film was Irish composer, Shaun Davey, whose score is equally distant from any Bond score and just as refreshing.  Most noted in Ireland and England for his concert compositions and scores for British television documentaries and films, Shaun Davey has composed scores for feature films as well such as Waking Ned Devine.  Spanish or Latin flavored film scores becoming more popular of late, often at the hands of a Media Ventures affiliate composer (Mission: Impossible 2, Spy Kids, The Road to El Dorado).  With Shaun Davey's musical background, his selection as composer for such a flim might have been a bit of a risk for the film makers and certainly, for film music fans, somewhat of a surprise.  In any case, whatever the risks there may have been, they have turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

The single defining characteristic of the music is, not unexpectedly, its Latin flavor.  Ranging from soft, ballads to energetic contemporary fusions of a various Latin music styles, Davey's score is full of life and spirit.  Stealthily weaved into the scores fabric are subtle and not-so-subtle allusions to the British ties.  Occasionally blasting a pompous fanfare, Davey interjects royal notes from the Old World.  All the while, Davey is still able to create a musical undercurrent of intrigue and mystery that the story requires through the use of percussions and sneaky bass riffs.  Without destroying the Latin ambience, Shaun Davey communicates the the plot and character twists keenly.  The unique combination is not unlike something veteran composer Maurice Jarre might create.  The end result is a truly compelling score.

While the film's receipts has suffered from a bit of confused marketing and sales of the soundtrack might suffer from not having an instantly recognizable composer credit such as a John Williams or James Horner, both are still worth some attention.  Varese Sarabande has produced a generous release which features almost 49 minutes of score - an adequate representation.


Track Listing and Ratings


Title Time



Harry Pendel, The Tailor of Panama

4:16  ****

Andy Osnard, Spy

2:26  ****

The Streets of Panama City

1:52  ****
4 The Silent Opposition Angle 2:14  ***

The Tailor at the Palace

2:33  ***

The Vibrating Bed

1:42  ***

Andy's Miniature Camera

1:41  ***
8 Harry, a Thief in His Own Home 1:25  ***

'Buchan' at the Cemetary

1:56  ****

Ten Million

2:34  ***

Panic and The Pentagon

5:29  ****

Harry Unravels, Marta's Call

2:32  ***
13 Harry's Drive through the Carnival 1:27  ****

Louisa's Confrontation and the Deatch of Micky Abraxis

3:40  ****
15 The Ambassador, The Chase, and the Helicopters 7:16  ****
16 Harry's Confession/ End Titles/ Todavia Cantamos 5:44  ****

Total Running Time


The Tailor of Panama (Soundtrack) Shaun Davey

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