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The 25th Reich by Ricky Edwards

The 25th Reich

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The 25th Reich (Soundtrack) by Ricky Edwards
The 25th Reich (Soundtrack) by Ricky Edwards











The 25th Reich (Soundtrack) by Ricky Edwards

The 25th Reich
Composed by Ricky Edwards
Lakeshore Records (2012)

Rating: 5/10

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“’s hard to believe that space Nazis could ever be this boring.”

Darth Hitler
Review by Edmund Meinerts


A low-budget Australian-made homage to the pulp B-movies of the 40s and 50s, THE 25TH REICH details the time-travelin’, Nazi-punchin’, robot-smashin’, spaceship-crashin’ exploits of five World War II-era OSS agents who are recruited to go forward in time and stop a future Nazi alien invasion. The jury’s still out whether that’s the most ridiculous or the most awesome premise ever, but the 3.1 rating on imdb speaks volumes for itself. IRON SKY, in comparison, has a 6.0 and is apparently the superior of the two Nazis-from-space movies that came out in 2012. The most important thing to take from that is we now live in a world where two Nazis-from-space movies came out in one year. My life is complete.

The score for this opus, released a year after the fact by the ever-diligent MovieScore Media, comes courtesy of one RICKY EDWARDS, an orchestrator for DAVID HIRSCHFELDER with only a few TV credits to his name. Things get off to an eyebrow-raising start with “The 25th Reich March” (1), which immediately slaps you over the head with an outrageous homage to the ultimate theme of evil, JOHN WILLIAMS’ “Imperial March,” right down to the first three harsh brass notes blasting on key. Given what kind of film this is, it’s safe to assume that it’s all done with a huge wink and a nod, especially when the interlude sequence throws in a theremin for good measure. You can’t help but smile despite (or perhaps because of) the obvious influence.

Unfortunately, the score that follows fails to live up to the OTT fun promised by that opening cue. For one thing, that march is never directly restated in the body of the score until its redundant reprise in “End Credits” (16). Instead, it is deconstructed in a way, with hints of the snare and low string rhythms, as well as the theremin, scattered throughout. For the most part, it’s surprising just how low-key and dull the majority of the score is, content to stew aimlessly in prickly unease for minutes on end. At times it’s like listening to a horror score, and it doesn’t make for a particularly interesting album.

When the score does kick into life, things look up a little. The action music seems to once more be largely modeled on WILLIAMS, with “That Ain’t No Puma!” (4) recalling WAR OF THE WORLDS and “Traitor in the Camp Part 2” (12) reminiscent at times of “Duel of the Fates”. The exception is the lengthy “Attack of the 25th Reich” (14), which even among the many temp-track adaptations of GUSTAV HOLST’s “Mars, Bringer of War” over the years manages to stand out as particularly transparent.

Not helping matters is the score’s sampled rendering – obviously the budget didn’t stretch far enough. But in truth, even performed by a 100-piece symphony orchestra, this score would still not be very interesting. In its better portions it showcases a composer who is perfectly capable of letting rip with the larger-than-life music that this film deserves, but the fatal flaw here is that EDWARDS was either unwilling or not permitted to do so throughout; it’s hard to believe that space Nazis could ever be this boring. In short, when the best portions of your score are the blatant temp-tracks, you know things could have been much better.


Rating: 5/10


Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 The 25th Reich March 3:04  ****
2 Opening 2:10  ***
3 Some Crazy People 2:54  ***
4 That Ain't No Puma! 3:42  ****
5 A Rabbi in New York 3:58  **
6 Breaking the Time Machine 3:08  **
7 Rag on a Stick 1:48  **
8 Voices and Time Travel 2:46  **
9 Mozzie Bite 2:20  **
10 Kinderman 1:32  ***
11 Traitor in the Camp Part 1 3:54  **
12 Traitor in Camp Part 2 3:25  ****
13 You've Condemned Us All 5:08  ***
14 Attack of the 25th Reich 8:33  ***
15 Kick Some! 2:51  ***
16 End Credits 4:41  ***
  Total Running Time (approx) 56 minutes  


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