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The Paradise by Maurizio Malagnini

The Paradise

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The Paradise (Soundtrack) by Maurizio Malagnini
The Paradise (Soundtrack) by Maurizio Malagnini










The Paradise (Soundtrack) by Maurizio Malagnini

The Paradise
Composed by Maurizio Malagnini
Silva America (2013)

Rating: 8/10

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“The quality of MALAGNINI’S music is to such a degree, and so consistently so, that it is impossible not to find oneself swept up in the moment, effortlessly transported back in time.”

Paradise Found
Review by Richard Buxton


Riding the crest of DOWNTON ABBEY’S period drama wave, drama series THE PARADISE confirms that audiences’ desires to have their belief that English people, as a rule, speak with such meticulousness that the Queen herself would writhe with envy, has yet to waver. Airing on the BBC in the UK and PBS in the US, THE PARADISE tells the story of England’s first ever department store and its effect on the surrounding community, and introduces a composer who is likely to be cropping up on the radar of many in the wake of this release - MAURIZIO MALAGNINI. MALAGNINI’S career is still in its infancy, but the Italian composer is already displaying a panache far beyond that which his relatively little experience might suggest.

Many scores, particularly those from television, suffer from a wavering in quality resulting from a lack of consistency. THE PARADISE shows no such weakness in what is a remarkably dependable album that is unfailingly engaging despite lacking the highs that could decisively elevate it into greatness.

Much of the release, as is clearly evident from the outset, is infectiously buoyant. “The Paradise Lovebirds” (1), heard in the show’s opening sequence, is short but sweet and is a fine indicator of what’s to come. It’s an endlessly playful cue, bounding with a quaint charm, and is allowed to develop a fraction further in “Trailer and Credits” (12).

“The Portrait” (2) introduces a delicate theme on piano before briefly seguing into the score’s sweeping persona, one that is explored in greater detail the further into the score you wander - “The Dark Lake and Jonas” (23) and also “The Final Kiss” (29), which echoes the piano theme, being notable examples.

The quality of MALAGNINI’S music is to such a degree, and so consistently so, that it is impossible not to find oneself swept up in the moment, effortlessly transported back in time. This is a score that fits its source material remarkably well, perhaps too well at times, as its undying effervescence can occasionally become too much. Cues such as “We Will Never Know” (8) and “I Have Married the Wrong Man” (12) are welcome deviations, but it is not until the second half of the score that deeper-rooted transformations become apparent. “Lord Glendenning Owns Everything” (21) is creeping in its imposition, whereas both “The Dark Lake and Jonas” (23) and “The Hope for Love” (27) have a tinge of tragedy and unrequited longing that set them apart from much of the score.

While THE PARADISE never hits the highs that the opening cues might suggest, it’s a tremendous example of consistency, and one of the few television scores that honestly does not contain a single track that isn’t worth hearing. It’s also a score that does a remarkable job of accurately evoking the sentiments and ambience that the series depicts as being indicative of the period setting. This is certainly not the last you have heard of MAURIZIO MALAGNINI, and rightfully so.

Rating: 8/10


Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 The Paradise Lovebirds 0:30  ****
2 The Portrait 2:25  *****
3 Children Arrive at The Paradise 2:11  ****
4 Impossible Love 1:33  ****
5 I Will Ruin You 1:19  ****
6 Reception Waltzer 1:28  ****
7 Opening the Doors 1:57  ****
8 We Will Never Know 3:42  ****
9 Denise is Entering The Paradise 0:53  ****
10 Shopgirls 1:57  ****
11 Trailer and End Credits 0:53  ****
12 I Have Married the Wrong Man 3:42  *****
13 Sam is Innocent 2:07  ****
14 Miss Paradise Pink 0:29  ****
15 Paulines Theme 0:59  ****
16 Miss Audrey and Ladieswear 3:12  ****
17 Perfume from Morocco 2:03  ****
18 Sam Could Lose Everything 1:25  ****
19 Audrey and the Baby 2:44  ****
20 Denise and Moray 1:54  ****
21 Lord Glendenning Owns Everything 2:36  ****
22 Miss Audrey is Unwell 1:13  ****
23 The Dark Lake and Jonas 2:44  ***
24 Katherine and Moray 2:35  ****
25 The Wedding Veil 1:49  ****
26 You are Mine 2:02  ***
27 The Hope for Love 1:51  ****
28 Denise and Moray are Falling in Love 1:55  ****
29 The Final Kiss 2:45  ****
  Total Running Time (approx) 57 minutes  


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