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The Wild by Alan Silvestri







The Wild (Soundtrack) by Alan Silvestri

The Wild
Composed by Alan Silvestri
Walt Disney Records

Rating: 6/10

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Tales of the Wild  -
Real | Windows Media

To the Wild - 
Real | Windows Media

Really Nice Day -
Real | Windows Media


Soundtrack Review

“Without a doubt ALAN SILVESTRI's score could earn a 8/10; however, another solid effort from the composer is cheated in favor three pop tunes that add no character to the soundtrack whatsoever. ”

Wild 'N Out!
Review by Christopher Coleman

With well over 50 scores through the 1990s, composer Alan Silvestri was one of the busiest of Hollywood composers.  Within those "glory years" of film music, Silvestri delivered some of the decades best film music in:  FORREST GUMP, CONTACT, BACK TO THE FUTURE III,  JUDGE DREAD, and CASTAWAY.  Comparatively speaking, his production has slowed down to a crawl since 2001, with his most popular score in that time frame arguably being THE MUMMY RETURNS.  Surely, the family vineyard and "family" itself has taken a priority in the prolific and talented composers life.

Keeping with the theme of "family,"  Alan Silvestri's only feature film project of 2006 is Walt Disney Pictures' THE WILD.  This rated-G, 3-D animated film (not of Pixar's doing) features a story that is oddly similar to Dreamworks' miserable MADAGASCAR.  Why anyone would want to make a film that resembled MADAGASCAR in any way shape or form is a true mystery beyond pondering...and most critics and moviegoers seemed to agree.

The film's producers have to be given credit for going with ALAN SILVESTRI and a much more traditional, orchestral score instead of the ever-popular, largely synthetic scores that accompany these films.  In fact, THE WILD offers the nicest homage to traditionally animated cartoon's since Jerry Goldsmith's LOONEY TUNES: BACK IN ACTION (2003).  Don't misunderstand, THE WILD certainly is by no means wall-to-wall Milt Franklin or Carl Stalling, but from time to time, their musical identities show through. Silvestri surprisingly shows off his range of skills throughout this score, making for quite an entertaining listen.  One does need to dodge around most of the non-score tracks offered on the CD release to best enjoy the experience.

While the general public may find the first three pop tracks of interest, for the film music fan, they are utterly "skippable."  However, I must admit that the inclusion of "Really Nice Day" was an interesting choice ... and it seems to work.  Perhaps taking another page from MADAGASCAR's inclusion of "I Like to Move It,"  "Really Nice Day" is a comedic, reggae-inspired, pop track - the best of this type on this Walt Disney Record's release.

Between renditions of "Really Nice Day" is ALAN SILVESTRI's diverse score.  "Tales of the Wild" offers the score's main theme, which is a bold, adventurous fanfare, that will inevitably remind the listener of some of Silvestri's past efforts like: BACK TO THE FUTURE and STUART LITTLE.  Commingled are moments of musical, light humor, of an era animation long gone.  The score also offers a light-heartedness and warmth akin to moments of Silvestri's FATHER OF BRIDE in tracks such as "You Can't Roar."  As has been noted elsewhere, a seeming nod to John Williams' "March of the Villains" from SUPERMAN appears to form the basis for a secondary theme first heard in "To the Wild."

Without a doubt ALAN SILVESTRI's score could earn a 8/10; however, another solid effort from the composer is cheated in favor three pop tunes that add no character to the soundtrack whatsoever.  Yes...we know it is a necessary, marketing-evil, for without these inclusions such albums would hardly sell (so they say) and hence would nary see the light of day.  Marketing-ploys aside, THE WILD is an entertaining score from ALAN SILVESTRI that deserves a more complete release.  While wishing the composer all the best of luck with the family vineyard, let us hope it doesn't do so well that Hollywood and the film music community suffer the loss of his composing talents.

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Track Listing and Ratings


Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 Real Wild Child by Everlife 3:16 *
2 Good Enough by Lifehouse 5:11 **
3 Big Time Boppin' (Go Man Go) by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 2:59 **
4 Really Nice Day by Eric Idle and John Du Prez 2:00 ***
5 Tales from the Wild 3:56 ****
6 You Can't Roar 3:54 ****
7 Lost in the City 3:31 ***
8 To the Wild 4:15 ****
9 Alien Shores 2:59 ****
10 The Legend in Action 3:32 ***
11 The Mythology of Nigel 3:22 ***
12 The Ritual 3:24 ****
13 Found Our Roar 2:47 ****
14 Really Nice Day (Finale) 2:02 ***
  Total Running Time 47:08  




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