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Unearthed by E.S. Posthumus







Unearthed by E.S. Posthumus

Composed by E.S. Posthumus
Wigshop Records (2001)

Rating: 8/10

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Listen to this soundclip of Unearthed4 Ulaid

Listen to this soundclip of Unearthed5 Ebla

Listen to this soundclip of Unearthed11 Estremoz

Listen to this soundclip of Unearthed12 Pompeii

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“All in all, this CD will prove a thoroughly enjoyable experience for most film music enthusiasts. The fact is just about every track of UNEARTHED could be used in a film trailer...or in a feature film.”

Dig This!
Review by Christopher Coleman

Produced by E.S. Posthumus
Orchestrations by E.S. Posthumus
Performed by E.S. Posthumus, Seattle Choir Company (choir); David Spillane (Uliean pipes; Efrain Toro (Percussion); Pedro Eustache (Woodwinds & Reeds); Michael Landau (Guitars); Matt Lang (Drum Loops); Lance Morrison (Bass Guitar)

The formulas for financially successful music are firmly entrenched. "Copy the popular," is chief among them. Indie music; however, is managing to keep the music-world fresh and interesting...and actually establishing what is sure to be copied tomorrow.

One such Indie-group, E. S. Posthumus has also been making subtle waves within the realm of film music- specifically in movie trailers. Their first ripple came with the inclusion of their music in the PLANET OF THE APES trailers in 2001. Also, a selection was used in the intriguing teaser trailer for the Steven Spielberg film, MINORITY REPORT. Most recently, in one of the most downloaded trailers on the internet, the SPIDER-MAN trailer features a power-packed selection from the E.S. Posthumus' UNEARTHED.

The use of E.S. Posthumus' work in such high-profile trailers is definitely high praise and strong indication that its evocative nature will be appealing to many film score fans. Throughout UNEARTHED, one will easily hear similarities to some of the most popular scores in the last ten years, while never being in danger of truly "ripping" off any single composer.

To create their "sound," E.S. Posthumus employs a variety of synthesizers, loops and samples. The combination itself will draw comparisons to Media Ventures, and there are a few thin similarities, but E.S. Posthumus creates a musical environment closer to the work of composer Craig Armstrong (Plunkett & MacLeane, Moulin Rouge, Kiss of the Dragon) than any of the Zimmerites. Still, fans of Hans Zimmer's GLADIATOR will certainly enjoy tracks such as Antissa (1), Tikal (2), and Menouthis (10) - as the forceful vocals and Middle-Eastern flavor will bring back visions of the Roman deathmatches. Craig Armstrong's Plunkett and Macleane has seen its fair share of film trailers and tracks such as Ebla (5) , Nineveh (8) and Pompeii (12) exude the same power and thematic bliss as Armstrong's well-utilized work.

On the lighter side, UNEARTHED contains a few pieces that come closer to jazz-new-age-fusion. Despite their relaxed posture tracks such as Ulaid (4) and Cuzco (7) are no less entertaining and help to round out the overall listening experience very well. Both feature a Celtic-thread, Ulaid (4) in particular. Other peace-inducing tracks include Nara (6), and Estremoz (11) - with its lead guitars and gorgeous female chorus. Its the closest thing to a love-theme on the album.

Despite not being a true "soundtrack," UNEARTHED satisfies like the best of them. Not being constrained by film sequences, directors or producers, E.S. Posthumus is able to deliver high-quality, emotional music which seems to underscore a story we simply haven't been privy to - which is what makes it perfect for use in big budget movie trailers. Despite its electronic and synthesized foundation, Unearthed maintains a strong "organic" feel throughout every track. The various acoustic percussions, guitars and woodwinds layered above the electronic foundation keeps the music approachable...and in the end, more enjoyable than the typical electro-score.

All in all, this CD will prove a thoroughly enjoyable experience for most film music enthusiasts. The fact is just about every track of UNEARTHED could be used in a film trailer...or in a feature film. Don't be surprised if it happens! E.S. Posthumus, if they have any desire to, could probably do an exceptional job at film scoring...or at least at developing themes for film. While its probably easier and cheaper to obtain rights to use Indie-music in film trailers, hopefully artists such as E.S. Posthumus will, at the very least, plant seeds of creativity within the minds of Hollywood directors, producers, and even within the composers they hire. Don't let the next time your hear a selection of UNEARTHED be in another trailer, reach into those pockets and buy this CD. If you're a modern soundtrack lover, you'll definitely dig UNEARTHED!

Rating: 8/10

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Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 Antissa 5:11  ****
2 Tikal 3:47  ****
3 Harappa 4:36  ****
4 Ulaid 5:10  ****
5 Ebla 6:09  ****
6 Nara 4:51  ****
7 Cuzco 4:03  ****
8 Nineveh 3:42  ****
9 Lepcis Magna 3:27  ****
10 Menouthis 3:56  ****
11 Estremoz 5:06  *****
12 Pompeii 3:41  *****
13 Isfahan 4:34  ****

Total Running Time





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