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Watchmen by Tyler Bates


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Watchmen (Download MP3 Soundtrack) by Tyler Bates








Watchmen (Soundtrack) by Tyler Bates  

Composed by Tyler Bates
Reprise Records (2009)

Rating: 5/10

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“All together, the original score for WATCHMEN is a diverse experience - pushing into musical realms mostly untouched by other superhero franchises...For those who are not so steeped in the lore and history of WATCHMEN, this might be, save a few select moments, a score best appreciated within the context of the film.”

Easily the most anticipated film of early 2009 has been Zack Snyder's WATCHMEN. The original comic series written by Alan Moore, published in the late 1980s. has gone on to become one of the most popular series ever.  Attempts to make WATCHMEN a film began the early 1990s, traveling through the hands of top drawer directors such as: Terry Gilliam, Darren Aronovsky and Paul Greengrass. After a long, tumultuous journey, WATCHMEN finally landed in the capable hands of director ZACK SNYDER, fresh off his visual-feast, 300. Not too surprisingly, his frequent collaborator, composer TYLER BATES comes along for another ride into comic-world come to life.

Not being a fan of the original comic series, I come to the WATCHMEN feast without the unbearable weight of over 20 years of fandom and expectation. It seems the majority of faithful fans have received the film with open arms...actually pleasantly surprised with Snyder's fidelity to Alan Moore's original story, themes, and characters. Taking the film on its own (as I must do), it is a nearly three-hour exercise of superhero depth, rawness, and brutality unlike any other superhero film to date. The story is so dense and the themes so many that one viewing can hardly do it justice. Movies hardly ever capture all of the layers of character of a well-written novel, even a graphic novel, but WATCHMEN, the film, succeeds at giving the unacquainted audience a solid moviegoing-experience while clearly indicating that there is much more to these characters and to this story than is being portrayed on screen - not an easy feat.

When it comes to the music of the film, my feelings are mixed. The music for WATCHMEN was publicized months in advance of the film's theatrical release; touting special edition vinyl, picture discs, and various editions. One could hardly not build up some expectations for the final music experience would be.  WATCHMEN's soundtrack features a combination of period pop selections and original score by TYLER BATES.   The eclectic mix of the two helps to brand WATCHMEN as another, unique Zack Snyder creation. While there is a completely separate soundtrack release (thankfully) of these songs, their appearance and contribution to film bears a brief mention here. Perhaps it was the audio mix or perhaps the songs themselves, but most of the pop selections are a little too "on the nose." With the exception of the brilliantly juxtaposed "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole, the other songs pulled me right out of the scene...calling too much attention to themselves rather than enhancing the mood or visuals. With such period-icons such as "I'm Your Boogie Man," "99 Luft Balloons" or "The Sound of Silence" unashamedly making their presence known, it may have been the director's intention, then, for TYLER BATES' score to balance this out.

What helps to separate WATCHMEN for just about any other "superhero" film I've ever seen, can also be found in Bates' score. WATCHMEN contains a few instances of heroic action, usually punctuated by shockingly real violence. We get only a couple of typical, musical "hero moments" in this score. In "Rescue Mission" (1), we have some heroic-staples such as strong brass, string swells and chorus undergirded by Bate's signatures: industrial and grunge elements. "Silk Spectre" (4) clearly hearkens back to the trend-setting work of DON DAVIS for THE MATRIX TRILOGY with its reflective brass notes, running harp, cymbal crashes and vocal crescendos. This is easily the most superhero-like of all the tracks contained on this release. Beyond this, TYLER BATES does what he does best. He goes on to create a dark, edgy, but, at times, very interesting tapestry of sonic threads. We hear bluesy-guitar in "You Quit!" (6), and then a nostaligic-80s-grunge mix in tracks such as "Only Two Names Remain" (7) and "Edward Blake - The Comedian" (9). As the film progresses, things become increasingly tense and dark and, following suit, we hear Bates bring in more and more dissonance. From "Dan's Apocalyptic Dream" (13) through to "I'll Tell You about Rorschach" (16), we have a suite of intensely disturbing stuff. As dark as THE DARK KNIGHT may have doesn't come close to touching the brutal depths found here. Concluding the score, TYLER BATES returns to some of the more apprehendable elements. "Countdown" (17) is a strong action sequence with a powerful symphonic climax. "It Was Me" (18) recalls elements of the heroic found in "Rescue Mission," but is shortlived. The score finally ends with a familiar quote of Mozart's "Requiem" (20) and a small-band instrumental featuring guitar harmonics, expansive synth, and bass guitar. All together, the original score for WATCHMEN is a diverse experience - pushing into musical realms mostly untouched by other superhero franchises. Undoubtedly those who loved the original novel and/or the film, will likely find this score embraceable. For those who are not so steeped in the lore and history of WATCHMEN, this might be, save a few select moments, a score best appreciated within the context of the film.

Rating: 5/10


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Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 Rescue Mission 2:12  ***
2 Don't Get Too Misty Eyed 1:35  ****
3 Tonight the Comedian Died 2:42  **
4 Silk Spectre 0:58  ****
5 We'll Live Longer 0:56  ***
6 You Quit! 0:39  **
7 Only Two Names Remain 1:39  **
8 The American Dream 1:56  ***
9 Edward Blake - The Comedian 2:40  **
10 The Last Laugh 0:57  ***
11 Prison Fight 1:45  **
12 Just Look Around You 5:51  ***
13 Dan's Apocalyptic Dream 1:17  **
14 Who Murdered Hollis Mason 0:55  *
15 What About Janie Slater? 1:34  **
16 I'll Tell You About Rorshach 4:10  *
17 Countdown 2:46  ***
18 It Was Me 1:23  ***
19 All That is Good 4:58  ***
20 Requiem 0:55  ***
21 I Love You 2:43  **
  Total Running Time (approx) 44 minutes  







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