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X-Men: The Last Stand by John Powell




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X-Men: The Last Stand by John Powell

X-Men: The Last Stand
Composed by John Powell
Varese Sarabande Records

Rating: 8/10

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Bathroom Titles -
Real | Windows Media

Whirlpool of Love  -
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Dark Phoenix's Tragedy - 
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“Powell produces an energetic ride that the series has needed from day one.  Drawing on his special powers at percussion manipulation, patented brass-bursts and hyptnotizing string-work, JOHN POWELL daringly gives the X-Men series even more musical life than his predecessors.”

Ka-Men, OttMan, and POWell!
Review by Christopher Coleman

X-Men: The Last Stand - Arch AngelThe X-Men has become one of the most successful Comic-to-Film franchises of the new millienium.  With the first two films each doing more than "well" at the box office, the third installment was virtually ensured to be a success.  And with director Bryan Singer returning, fans could breathe a sigh-of-relief...and with, presumably, composer John Ottman returning with him, film music fan's could do so as well. 

And then when, seemingly, the world was at peace... BAZZZOOOOM! 

What would a world of superheroes be without an unexpected twist of fate?

In a swap like few others, directors Bryan Singer and Brett Ratner eventually exchanged their film projects:  X-MEN: THE LAST STAND and SUPERMAN RETURNS respectively.  Marvel to DC and DC to Marvel?  In the comic universe, it is "the unthinkable."  And yet the saga continued...Would Singer's side-kick, OttMan, remain with the mutants or defect to the kryptonian moviescape?  The answers lie just ahead!

After a long battle of submerged negotiations, it was revealed that OttMan would remain faithful to Singer and take the musical reigns of the man of steel.  Still later it would be made known to all who dared to care, that another composer would fill the vacant chair in the X-Jet next to director Brett Ratner. 


Before the full tale is told on the new captain and helmsman of the X-Men franchise, let us go back into issues past that we might see the full design of this unforgettable tale...

In 2000, the X-Men movie took flight with a less-than-stellar-effort from composer MICHAEL KAMEN who had replaced Ottman.  Kamen's most significant contribution was his maintenance of the recognizable X-Men theme, which he wrote for the 90's animated series on Fox television.  Three years later in 2003, the OttMan was back with Bryan Singer on X2...and to the delight of the innocent onlookers, infused the X-MEN: UNITED score with new life through his super motif-ier mind technique.  But alas...the mutants' next adventure would be supported by a new member...known simply as POWell - the mild mannered JOHN POWELL to most of the world.

He has become known throughout the galaxy as one of the most versatile composers of the era.  He has conquered drumlines, ice ages, big, green trolls, secret agents both those who have secret identities and those that have forgotten their identities, mob men, terrorists...and even that evil genius, Gigli.

For X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, Powell delivers the most intense and multifacted score of the three.  Ranging from the introspective opening "20 Years Ago," to the romantic, "Whirlpool of Love" and "Skating on the pond," to breakneck "Dark Phoenix's Tragedy" and "Shock and No Oars,"  John Powell matches director Brett Ratner beat for beat. 

This time out, Michael Kamen's X-Men theme does not make an appearance. The theme is teased a number of times, but is never quoted.  Instead, Powell places the theme under his radioactive viso-ray.  By so doing he generates his own main theme that, while not as distinct as Kamen's original, maintains its general character and feel. (Of course the studious may find a correlation to yet another superhero theme from, none other than,...shhhh... the ElfMan.)

From the Ka-Men to OttMan and now POWell, the X-men franchise has, musically speaking, taken a positive stride with each film.  Powell produces an energetic ride that the series has needed from day one.  Drawing on his special powers at percussion manipulation, patented brass-bursts and hyptnotizing string-work, JOHN POWELL daringly gives the X-Men series even more musical life than his predecessors.  For the mere mortal, one listen through may not overly impress, but with successive listens the nuances of the score become a delight. 

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Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 20 Years Ago 1:10 ****
2 Bathroom Titles 1:09 ****
3 The Church of Magneto, Raven is My Slave Name 2:40 ***
4 Meet Leech, Then Off to the Lake 2:37 ***
5 Whilrpool of Love 2:04 ****
6 Examining Jean 1:12 ***
7 Dark Phoenix 1:28 ***
8 Angel's Cure 2:34 ***
9 Jean and Logan 1:39 ***
10 Dark Phoenix Awakes 1:45 ***
11 Rejection is Never Easy 1:09 ***
12 Magneto Plots 2:05 ***
13 Entering the House 1:18 ***
14 Dark Phoenix's Tragedy 3:18 ****
15 Farewell to X 0:30 ****
16 The Funeral 2:52 ****
17 Skating on the Pond 1:12 ****
18 Cure Wars 2:57 ****
19 Fight in the Woods 3:06 ****
20 St. Lupus Day 3:03 ****
21 Building Bridges 1:16 ***
22 Shock and No Oars 1:15 ****
23 Attack on Alcatraz 4:36 ****
24 Massacre 0:31 ***
25 The Battle of the Cure 4:20 ***
26 Phoenix Rises 6:29 ****
27 The Last Stand 6:29 ****
  Total Running Time 60:26  




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