2007 Cue Awards

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Best Score as Heard in Film - 2006 Cue Award
Best Score as Heard in Film - 2006 Cue Award





Superman Returns (Soundtrack) by John OttmanNominees:

Lady in the Water (James Newton Howard)
Charlotte’s Web (Danny Elfman)
Superman Returns (John Ottman/John Williams)
X-Men: The Last Stand (John Powell)
The Da Vinci Code (Hans Zimmer)
Flyboys (Trevor Rabin)



Winner: Superman Returns (John Ottman)

Sometimes the a good film might have been great had only the score been better.  At other times, a mediocre film is lifted by the musical mastery working behind-the-scenes.  Having already bagged the Cue for SURPRISE OF THE YEAR, John Ottman's work for SUPERMAN RETURNS might also surprise as winner of this category.  Somewhat narrowly beating out LADY IN THE WATER, Superman Returns features more than John Williams unmistakeable fanfare, but a number of more terresterial moments that were equally effective.

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