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The Big Wrap Up  

As the 2007 CUE AWARDS have come to a close, we are excited to present our Big Wrap Up.  Wouldn't you love to know just how close your personal pick came to winning in all the other Award shows?  Well, we reveal that to you and all the other stats you'd hope to see - just take scroll down below.

Of course, you get to read the judges personal notes, in which they share their favorite scores and thoughts about the Cue Awards themselves.  This year, we had a special guest judge join in the voting, so you won't want to miss that.



Big Wrap Up - Trends
Big Wrap Up - All Ratings
Caps Notes

Steve's Notes
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Christopher's Notes

Stats and Trends

The 2007 Cue Awards featured some of the closest competition to date.  In one category, the difference from winning and losing was a mere .01 points! As you will see below, for many categories, it only took one judge keep any one nominee from winning.  A special accomplishment worthy of mentioning here, was achieved.  MICHAEL GIACCHINO was nominated in all three sub-genre categories for 2007:  FEATURE FILM (Ratatouille), TELEVISION (Lost), and VIDEO GAME (Medal of Honor: Airbourne).  That's quite a year, yet ironically he lost to James Newton Howard for Outstanding Composer of the Year.  Still, special recognition should go to Giacchino for being the first composer to accomplish this feat.  Below you can see some of the more interesting stats and trends from this years voting/rating.  On the following page, you can see all of the judges' voting for each nominee.


Most Nominated Soundtracks: Most Nominated Composers:
Beowulf by Alan Silvestri (7)

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End by Hans Zimmer (5)

Hans Zimmer (7)

Alan Silvestri (7)

Cueless!  Most Nominated without a Win: Soundtrack with Most Wins:
Beowulf by Alan Silvestri  (7)

Transformers by Steve Jablonsky (4)

The Simpsons Movie by Hans Zimmer (3)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by Nicholas Hooper (3)

Stardust by Ilan Eshkeri (3)

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2)



Most Competitive Awards

Award Category Nominee Differential
Disappointment of the Year Spiderman 3 over The Last Mimzy 0.01
Best Dramatic Score Atonement over Eastern Promises 0.08
Best Cover Art 300 over The Simpsons Movie 0.11
Best Score for Television Battlestar Galatica (S3) over Lost (S3) 0.14
Best Score for Video Game Lair over Medal of Honor: Airborne 0.17
Best Score on Album Ratatouille over Pirates of the Caribbean 0.27
Best Action Score The Bourne Ultimatum over Pirates/Caribbean 0.30
Best Score in Film Stardust over Pirates of the Caribbean 0.51



Largest Margin of Victory

Award Category Nominee Runner-Up Differential
Disappearing Composer of the Year John Williams James Horner 2.09
Record Label of the Year Varese Sarabande Lakeshore Records 2.17



Highest Rated Winners

Award Category - Winner Visitors Judges Final
Disappearing Composer of the Year - John Williams 8.84 9.25 9.05
Surprise of the Year - Stardust 7.1 8.5 7.8
Record Label of the Year - Varese Sarabande 7.21 8.75 7.98



Ratings Summary

  Judge A Judge B Judge C Judge D Visitors Final
Total Rating-points 469 590 633 590 511 539.3
Average Rating 5.33 6.7 7.19 6.7 5.81 6.13
As you can see, this year Mr. Judge C was the most generous of the lot.  Mr. Judge A was the most ... reserved.  It also appears as though Judge A was the most in-sync with the average-visitor rating with only a 42 rating-point difference. Judges B and D were clearly in sync, having the same average rating. 


Oh there's much more of the Wrap Up...

All Nominee Ratings



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