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Poll Archive 2001

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Harry Potter

What do you think about Harry Potter by John Williams?
[395 votes total]
One of Williams All Time Best! (135) 34%
It's Good, not great (145) 37%
Average Williams (65) 16%
Disappointing effort (43) 11%
The Jury is still out (7) 2%

November/ December 2001


Fellowship of the Ring

Howard Shore's score will be [160 votes total]

The best of 2001 (92) 58%
A top 5 score for 2001 (42) 26%
Good, not great (9) 6%
Average (6) 4%
Disappointing (11) 7%
Unlistenable (0) 0%



October 2001


Star Trek: Enterprise

Is the vocal title song a good idea? [294 votes total]

Yes (78) 27%
No (159) 54%
We'll see (47) 16%
Won't matter (10) 3%



 Poll User Comments 1 - 10

Posted On:
Sep 15th 2001 02:52:05 AM
Views: 9
Though I'd rather dismiss the idea, the show has been getting great reviews and I'm hoping for a great start to match the show.
Posted On:
Sep 9th 2001 10:26:45 PM
Views: 10
Have you seen the words to the Orginal Trek series? Case closed. yuck.
Posted On:
Sep 8th 2001 01:46:44 PM
Views: 10
Every S.T. show has had an instrumental theme. It's breaking tradition!
Posted On:
Sep 5th 2001 09:02:27 PM
Views: 10
Whatthe hell are they thinking?...
Posted On:
Sep 4th 2001 04:09:09 PM
Views: 9
A suggestion would be to have Jerry Goldsmith or James Horner do the the title theme
Posted On:
Sep 4th 2001 07:45:12 AM
Views: 9
i think its a stupid idea dennes mcthray commpose the them

September 2001




Planet of the Apes

Which score rules the Planet?

Danny Eflman's (93) 43%
Jerry Goldsmith's (121) 57%


 Total Votes: 214



 Poll User Comments 1 - 10

This vote's no comment Sep 2nd 2001 02:13:58 AM
Goldsmith's score is a landmark. Elfman's is good, but.... Aug 26th 2001 09:41:44 PM
The new Planet of The Apes SUCKS Aug 26th 2001 07:37:12 PM
there is no comparisson goldsmiths is the vastly more creative and satisfying work Aug 26th 2001 01:18:33 PM
The original film was a brilliant film, with BRILLIANT MUSIC. The new film is a previsible (special effects) film, with a normal music Aug 24th 2001 03:24:48 AM
Goldsmith made the best atmospheric (and primitive)music that Elfman. Goldsmith is the teacher Aug 24th 2001 03:23:33 AM
Elfman updated and made better a classic score (on the surfface they may not be any simulitaes but there is some) Aug 22nd 2001 02:15:02 PM
or a bar bar sheepy Aug 15th 2001 07:22:30 PM
moo moo cows are prity do you want one in your next movie Aug 15th 2001 07:22:07 PM


 August/ September 2001


A.I. Soundtrack

Which will you obtain?

The Compact Disc (45) 58%
The Audio DVD (8) 10%
Both (12) 15%
Neither (13) 17%

Total Votes: 78

July/ August 2001

JNH and Disney

Which James Newton Howard Score do you prefer?

Atlantis: The Lost Empire  (70)


Dinosaur  (68)



Total Votes: 138




Poll User Comments 1 - 7

 Atlantis hasn't arrived here in England yet, but I find it hard to believe its score can be so emotionally affecting as that of Dinosaur. 7/11/01 8:34:37 PM
 dan 7/9/01 2:57:41 PM
 I live in Portugal.I can't vote yet,because the Atlantis score didn't "arrived" here!But i LOVED the Dinosaur score,so i guess Atlantis is also GREAT 7/1/01 1:19:46 AM
 I like the Leviathan in atlantis 6/26/01 5:12:2 PM
 Alantis is very good, but, not as good as Dinosaur in my opinion. 6/19/01 2:19:5 PM
 Atlantis: The Lost Empire 6/18/01 9:28:49 AM

June/July 2001



Pearl Harbor

Should Pearl Harbor Be Nominated for an Oscar (Best Dramatic Score)?

Yes  (85)


No  (95)



Total Votes: 180

Poll User Comments 1 - 10

One of Zimmer's weakest efforts. Why didn't he just submit the piece from "The Thin Red Line"? (much better score) 6/15/01 2:46:28 AM
I think that Pearl Harbor is a greatest film, because it has great music by Hans Zimmer and the best actors in the world ( they were great) Masha 6/14/01 0:7:24 AM
go pearlharbor josh harntnett 6/13/01 8:03:14 PM
yes its a graet movie 6/13/01 8:00:38 PM
Too Bland 6/11/01 1:06:47 PM
Pearl harbor soundtrack by hans zimmer is the best music I 've ever heard! 6/11/01 12:27:40 AM
yes 10 6/5/01 8:20:36 AM
sat next to survivor of the actual attack.He was crying that was enough evidence for me.It was heart pounding and real.rrfshr@aol.com 6/5/01 0:43:46 AM
it is a pants film 6/4/01 7:02:52 PM
not the best but... 6/4/01 3:45:53 PM

May/June 2001


The Mummy VS. The Mummy Returns

Which do you prefer?

The Mummy  (79)


The Mummy Returns  (89)



Total Votes: 168


Poll Comments 1 - 9
Doesn't make sense ... 5/26/01 12:21:23 AM
The mummy is much bigger in all the aspects. As for the romantic topic one is not able to neither to compare Jerry made a melody 10.Jerry best!!! 5/21/01 10:43:35 PM
Alan is the best !! 5/20/01 8:06:34 PM
IS VERY GOOD 5/15/01 11:38:42 AM
i haven't seen it yet, but I heard that it kicks some major A$# 5/11/01 1:25:14 PM
I love Goldsmith, but Silvestri blew him away! 5/11/01 0:54:33 AM
 Jerry Goldsmith is far better that Mr. Silvestri, simple as that! 5/8/01 8:38:18 PM

May 2001


Williams Upcoming Scores

Which John Williams Score are You Looking Forward to Most?

A.I.  (51)


Harry Potter  (45)


Minority Report  (9)


Star Wars: Episode 2  (110)



Total Votes: 215


Poll Comments 1 - 3

I would vote for Episode 2, but I was a little disappointed with Episode 1. It has some GREAT tracks, but there are a lot of boring, quiet underscore 4/24/01 2:33:35 PM
There is nothing in the world of music that the magnificent John Williams cannot do! 4/14/01 6:19:43 PM
The day its released, I'll be the one buying the Harry Potter soundtrack wearing the big glasses and cloak while waving a wand and saying "Lumos!" 4/2/01 0:51:52 AM

April 2001



Composer of the 90's

Who is the Composer of the 90's?

James Newton Howard  (9)


Hans Zimmer  (58)


John Williams  (40)


James Horner  (26)


Danny Elfman  (11)



Total Votes: 144


Poll User Comments 1 - 10
 great composer 3/31/01 9:9:53 AM
 He is just brilliant! 3/26/01 2:26:26 PM
 ¿Cómo es posible que Zimmer lleve la delantera por haberse catapultado con una composición que siquiera pertenece a los '90? 3/25/01 11:50:34 PM
Zimmer uh... No, he just recently got a big push because of Gladiator but hes certainly not in the same league as Hor. or Wil. Morriconnie for Pres! 3/25/01 3:00:37 PM
Hans Zimmer is really talented! 3/23/01 11:43:4 AM
the greatest!! 3/21/01 11:21:2 PM
I especially love his music in gladiator 3/21/01 11:13:57 PM
Hans Zimmer is the best! 3/21/01 11:06:13 PM
John Williams produces soundtracks that are unique to each film; Zimmer has a sound that is transfered from film to film. 3/15/01 8:40:31 PM
So hard to decide between Williams and Horner. Horner consistently put out more music that was wonderful. Williams had less, but it was still great. 3/5/01 6:42:18 AM

March 2001



The Winner is?

Who Get's It Right Most Often?

Golden Globes  (9)


The Oscars  (7)


BAFTA  (1)


I DO!  (16)



Total Votes: 33

February 2001



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