Tracksounds, in cooperation with Soundtracks: The Epic Sound, spotlights some 
of the newest, noteworthy soundtrack releases in addition to former releases 
which have not received the attention due or may have been forgotten about 
over time. 

Each month Tracksounds and The Epic Sound will select and highlight one new release and one previously released soundtrack.  Introductory comments are listed here with links to the soundtrack's full review at Tracksounds, purchasing links and sound clip links (when available).


July 2001 Soundtracks of the Month

Jurassic Park III
by Don Davis

Jurassic Park III is, at the very least, an interesting listening experience.  Don Davis utilizes at least four of John Williams' familiar themes and motifs.   The score is clearly Williamsesque and for that Davis is to be applauded.  Reproducing Williams' themes is one thing.  Reproducing his style is another.   Be that as it may, this Jurassic Park score is still marked by Davis' own musical signature.


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by Alan Silvestri

Having to truly communicate the essence of the entire film in just a few moments of music cannot be an easy proposition, but Alan Silvestri manages just that.  Given these circumstances, both Robert Zemeckis and Alan Silvestri deserve a ton of credit for using a minimal amount of music in a most powerful and meaningful way.


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Former Soundtracks of the Month

Atlantis:  The Lost Empire by J.N. Howard
The Gift by Christopher Young
June 2001

Pavilion of Women by Conrad Pope

Snow Falls on Cedars by James Newton Howard Pavilion of Women by Conrad Pope
Snow Falls on Cedars by J.N. Howard
May 2001

Thirteen Days by Trevor Jones
Cosmic Voyage by David Michael Frank
January 2001

Amanda by Basil Poledouris
Medal of Honor by Michael Giacchino
December 2000



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